Self-Defense That May Save Your Life

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Life Saving Self DefenseIn my years of studying and practicing martial arts, I’ve only used it on the ‘streets’ twice. I won’t bore you with the details . . . okay, okay, if you must know drop me an email and I’ll send you the details but you have to choose A or B. Hey, don’t be greedy! One or the other.

I must admit that there were some underlying reasons for my having a fascination with self defense. Although I do offer my children a safer environment than what I experienced, life is full of surprises, and some of those aren’t good ones. Learning basics at a young age can do no harm.

A big part of not having to use my training (much) are some precautionary measures that I have taken. I encourage (especially ladies), to do the same. I will share them with you, along with five tools that may save your life. I take this very serious and you should also. Gentleman, speak to your ladies. Mom’s and dad’s, speak to your children. I’m not trying to spook anyone here, but let’s face it, there are some creeps out there.

First, a brief list of precautionary measures you can take that may prevent you from being an easy target. This list will not be all-inclusive but, hopefully, will get you thinking about safety. I mention some common areas to be wary of. There are plenty of resources that you can read on the subject. It’s worth a bit of your time.

For Starters:

When shopping (especially at night), park as close to the store doors as possible. Criminals are looking for isolation and easy targets.

When walking in a parking lot avoid walking in between cars except your own. You aren’t as visible when in between cars.

Wherever you are, have your keys ready so that you can unlock your car (or house) door quickly. You do not want to fumble around and give an opportunity. Have them ready before unlocking.

I know some will hate this one…find a running partner. Two are better than one and much less likely to be victimized. If you can’t find a partner consider running at your local health club. If you do choose to run outdoors, use a route that is well-populated.

Buy mace, pepper spray or whatever you feel comfortable using. Then, practice using it at least once (do not spray it into the wind! It hurts).

Be aware of your surroundings. If you feel uncomfortable, trust your instincts!

Practice case scenarios. I have with my wife and children.

Now, five tools:

  1. First and foremost, scream and yell while fighting the attacker off. Most attackers are seeking an easy target.
  2. Take aim and fire! If being attacked from the front, aim for sensitive targets. The groin area is a winner. Eyes, throat, and nose. A hard kick to the knee or shin will also inflict great pain. Your objective is to disable the attacker long enough for you to escape.
  3. Keep your keys in your hand. Place individual keys in between fingers pointing out. Make sure you place one between the thumb and forefinger (this makes a great weapon if being attacked from behind). One shot into an eye is more than enough to stop an attack.
  4. Use any weapon you can. Keys, mace, fingers, feet. This may be a fight for your life, there are no rules. Use any and everything within reach to cause damage.
  5. Think. I know this one may be difficult during a crisis, but it just may save your life. What can I use? Can I get someone’s attention? Can I grab the steering wheel and cause an accident? Can I use my cell phone? Again, thinking and action are two great resources.

By fighting back, you just may be able to save someone else’s life. There are many stories of children avoiding (or escaping) these situations. Many other would-be victims of most age categories have escaped unscathed by taking action. My hope is that you will never face a situation like this. If you do, fight back.

Friends, my blog is about taking action. This post may not be what ‘feels good’. But, if it helps just one, it is so worth my effort. Feel free to send this to your friends and family with my full permission. I love ya’.

Get out there and live it, and Live it LOUD!

Remember, you are the only you, you have!

Please share any other pointers you have that can make a difference in the comments. I know there are several areas not covered here but just wanted to offer a bite-sized portion.



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