The Epic Bike Ride

Follow along on our bike journey across the U.S.

The THP family has embarked on a cross-country bicycle trip as a family adventure, as a celebration of the wonderful folks along the byways and highways, and as a way to raise some funds for a worthy cause.

We began our journey by dipping our tires in the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville Beach, FL on October 11th, 2012. We have pedaled through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and now we are in Texas. We plan to be in San Diego, CA by late December/early January.

Who is going?

Myself (Rob), Gail (Lovely Wife), Dakota 15 (Awesome Daughter), Luke 7 (Super Boy).

The Family Getting Ready for the Epic Bike Trip

We hope to see you on the road.

To read more, check out our adventure site

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  1. Cross country bicycle trip is really adventurous and enjoyable moment . It also give a social message to people to save fuel , reduce pollution , use as much as can bicycle its also good for health.

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