Skin in the Game

A life coaching client shared with me that a friend of his pulled out of a backpacking trip to South America. The trip was 3 months away. In fact, it was so far away that he hadn’t even gotten supplies for his trip. This specific client had an open time frame for going due to his scheduling. In other words, he could go tomorrow or in 3 months.

Now, due to his friend, he wasn’t going to go.

I asked him why he wanted to go in the first place. Was it his friend’s idea or his.

It turned out that it was his. His friend “kind of” wanted to go (thus changing his mind).

Machu Pichu was a big reason but so was the Amazon rain forest. He had reasons. Good reasons.

Yet, he was willing to give it up just like that.

I called bullshit on him and told him to go anyway. “By myself?”

Yep, all by yourself.

I told him to buy the camera he insisted he needed. Buy the backpack. Buy the plane tickets. I told him to buy everything within 7 days and leave no later than 10 days from today.


Yep, 10 days.

He had the adventure of a lifetime which he shared during and after his trip.

The takeways:

If you want to do something, do not hinge it upon another person. It’s your thing not theirs. Own it. Do it regardless of external factors.

Get some skin in the game. Don’t plan endlessly. Get what you need for the experience and go and do.

Do or do not. There is no try. -Yoda

Nobody wants to hear about something you WERE going to do. In that case, we wouldn’t be reading Into Thin Air, we wouldn’t follow the jacked dude on Instagram, we wouldn’t be interested in what Elon Musk’s next project is.

Get your skin in the game. Be willing to experience something new. Take chances.

Today Has Power…but only if you want to.

Now live it,

Live it LOUD!


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