Pachelbel Canon

Pachelbel Canon
Performed by Piano Lesson Girl

Today Has Power wants you to be motivated.

The following piece titled “Pachelbel Canon” was originally written by a German composer Johann Pachelbel (1653 – 1706). This was first published in 1919 and is also referred to as “Canon in D major”. This is his most famous piece of music and usually played at weddings. A wedding symbolizes a celebration of love, which is a positive thing. Today Has Power is about promoting positive things. So watch the video of my daughter aka Piano Lesson Girl playing the famous “Pachelbel Canon”. You can see why I’m a proud Papa! For all you musical people with a great ear, she is playing it in the key of C.



Live it LOUD!


2 Responses to Pachelbel Canon

  1. I visited your site in search of a title to my new book that is a family memoir.
    I was truly inspired by your daughter’s performance and by the video of the football coach speaking to his team as champions. Thanks for putting up such a nice inspirational site. I got a few ideas for my book from it and hope to develop them further. Best regards.
    Andy Semotiuk

    • Rob says:

      Hey Andy,

      Happy to be a field used for inspiration. Glad you took action to write THE BOOK! Let us know what the title will be so we can look for it…

      Live it LOUD!


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