You Already Know What To Do. Just Do It!

Attacking is the only secret.
Dare and the world always yields; or if it beats you sometimes,
dare it again, and it will succumb.
– William Makepeace Thackeray

You Already KnowQUIT checking your emails! If you had a sure-fire way to make some serious dough, wouldn’t you? How about improve relationships? How about getting into tiptop shape? Earn that black belt? An awesome garden? If you could do any of these you would? Right? But instead, you’ll just check your emails. Or, maybe you’ll just watch the game. I am not going to miss the season finale. So-and-so is hanging on by a thread. He could die . . . I just have to watch. Hey friends, so-and-so does not care about you. It’s pretend. Sports? Life will go on and even better I would suggest without your favorite ball team. You could be winning the the Super Bowl of YOUR life instead of watching others do it. The 2-4plus hours spent NOT watching could prove instrumental in creating your new life. Also, shut the news off. We know the ways we use to put-off getting started, staying started, and finishing what we’ve started. Quit finding ways to not begin. Quit aimlessly surfing. Have purpose.

QUIT CHECKING YOUR EMAILS (unless it’s from me :))!

The world won’t end if you take care of you. Your world will begin, though.

Let’s try a little experiment. A detox. A challenge, if you will. Two days is all I ask.

Okay, now the rules:

For two days no t.v. (even sports, cooking or knitting shows), no aimless surfing, no checking your emails. Oops. I almost forgot. No non-emergency texting, no phone (or tweeting) conversations that will not have a direct impact on your success, and, in general, no putzing around. You know how empty you feel when that head hits the pillow because of the ‘should haves’. Do you want a life of victories or disappointments? Should haves? This is YOUR life. This is YOUR time.

Now, for the other good part. For the same two days I want you to catch fire (have an extinguisher close at hand). I want you to pick a project that has been on your list, but has fallen by the wayside. Maybe it’s writing an ebook. Maybe that quality family time. Maybe renewed focus on building your business. Updating and sending out your resume. Maybe all of them. Kayaking? Maybe. Don’t limit yourself. You may not be able to kayak in Patagonia in two days, but, you can easily find another option. This time may also be spent in a contemplative way. The main point is limiting (eliminating), distractions. You may want to do five projects. Great! But, start and finish one first. The sense of fulfillment will be wonderful as your head finds the pillow.

This is a fantastic way to momentum stack. Begin by making this small (2 day) step and enjoy the outcome. You deserve it. This is YOUR time.

Please tell me of your two day exploits and what it lead to. I want to celebrate with you…and share them with other readers. It will encourage them (and me :)).

Get out there and live it, and live it LOUD!

Remember, you are the only you, you have!

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