Calling All Fat People

Are you fat?Tub Of Lard

Not another politically correct term.

I mean fat.

Are you?

If you aren’t, stop reading. If you are fat and you know it, join me for a few minutes.

My friend Eric is fat. A giant tub of goo (his description).

He isn’t a person of substance, a person of mass, differently weighted, gravitationally challenged or chubberrific.

He’s fat.

And, he knows it.

He also knows to live the life he wants, he can’t be fat.

You see, he has dreams.


He also has struggles. He knows that also.

One of his goals is to ride his bicycle to Iowa from Arizona, and then, to ride in the RAGBRAI once there.


The bus for that goal leaves in early June.

A Loaded Bike

Will it leave with him on it?

I guess that will depend on him. Not his friends or family. Not some mystical powers.

It will be dependent on that lonely place known as self.

My money is on Eric facing his struggles and making it. I am rooting for him. Not really for him, though.

My Money's On Eric

I am rooting for his success because of you.

Yes, you.

When Eric gets to Iowa, or better yet, as he gets there, his life will be forever changed.

More will come.

How many expeditions did Shackleton lead to the Antarctic? One?

Send Eric a line or two of encouragement. You can check out his blog where he speaks from the gut, so to speak.

More importantly, are you fat? Is there something that you would like to do?

Read this post about momentum stacking.

This is my charge to you:

The Future Can Be Life Changing

Do it.

Inspire others.

If you are serious about making changes leave a comment or shoot me an email. It would be my pleasure to help the process. If, you are serious.


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31 Responses to Calling All Fat People

  1. Jaire says:

    Yeah! I love the humor. I used to be fat (200+ lbs) and I don’t regret it because I enjoyed every factor (food, beer, party) that contributed my weight to shoot up. But this kind of lifestyle can’t go on forever if you want to live forever.

  2. Super exciting! There’s something about the energy you use when you encourage that has me wholeheartedly believing that Eric’s going to live this out. And not just ride from Iowa from Arizona or ride in the RAGBRAI, but also lose the extra goo that he describes so that he truly can live the life that he wants. Go Eric!! =)

  3. Jacob says:

    All I can say is wow and thank you!.I’ve realized that being healthy is so much more important that being a certain size, number or weight. We only have one body and I don’t know why we neglect and abuse them. I have never been overweight; my bulimia was more about insecurities than anything else. I’m glad to hear that you’re conscious about your health!

  4. Andru says:

    I was not always fat, but today I have a few flabs which I would definitely want to get rid of. I long for the fat free body I used to have in my college days. Maybe I have stretched it too long. However, Eric if you want to live your dreams, you wil have to make sacrifices for it too.

    • Rob says:

      Sage advice my friend. No matter what the roadblock, if you want to live your dreams, you will have to make sacrifices. When we get through them, we often wonder what took so long.
      Our one life is worth a little discomfort to Live it LOUD!

      Thanks Andru…and, today is a great day to start back my friend.

  5. Lancia says:

    I am someone who is joining the bandwagon of fat people by the minute. I think my eating habits are to be blamed. None of my clothes fit me anymore, you can make out the bulging of my stomach from outside. I amawareof the seriousness of the situation, and I will dosomething to help it very soon.

  6. Hey Rob,

    I have lived a “thin” life before and I know how it feels to be “thin”. Now that I am a fat guy, I miss the things that only my “thin” life can offer me. I am having a lot of struggles lately because of my abundant weight and it’s very discouraging to have a lifestyle like this. But I’m making a conscious effort to lessen my weight day by day. Thanks for having this post. It really inspires me to go the distance with this losing weight journey of mine.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Farrell,

      You aren’t alone my friend.

      I’m glad you are writing a new chapter for yourself. I am anxious to read it.

      You can do it. If I can help…let me know.


  7. You never say yes to someone when they ask whether they are fat, but when it comes to asking ourselves, yes is the obvious choice. The problem doesn’t lie in fats as much as it lies in our own outlook.

  8. Rey says:

    Hi Rob, frankly speaking I did not realize when I became a member of the fat people group. Maybe I was too happy with my perfectly slim body, and took it for granted. I woke up from my sleep a few days ago when my friends made me realize the blunder I had done to myself. I don’t know where to start from, but I can assure you one thing I won’t be the same.

  9. Harry says:

    Hi Rob, I know that I am fat and I have to work hard to get rid of those extra pounds. But won’t you agree that we go through so much of troubles to get in shape. I mean whoever we meet starts with a lecture on losing weight. Who would like to be advised everytime they meet someone. However, at least your post wasn’t another advice, thanks for being encouraging.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Harry,

      Sorry for the late reply. We all have the desire to help others with their problems, while ignoring ours. You have to be the judge whether you are content with where you’re at, or not.

      In the end, that is what we all have to do; decide whether the pain of where we are is worth the pain it will take to leave.

      Live it LOUD! my friend.

  10. Hi Rob – as a new reader to your blog I though I’d just leave a quick comment here to say I’ve been enjoying it very much. I’m not actually ft myself, but I still think there’s lots to be learnt from people that are over coming their problems in any way. Thanks! Shaun

    • Rob says:

      Excellent point Shaun.
      You never can tell what you will learn from another that is daring to bust through their comfort zone. It truly is the little things my friend.

      Thanks for reading and sharing, and…

      Live it LOUD!

  11. Carla Viaggio says:

    I have the opposite “problem”, iam too skinny, always have been, people sometimes think iam sick even tho iam not, at the end you have to accept the way you are, and if you want to change youll probably have to make an important effort.

    Carla Viaggio – Public Relations at Travel Videos.

  12. Nicko says:

    When i was young i could’nt care less about food and such so i ate all kinds of crap. When i got older and stopped sporting a belly came. I realized after a while that i was fat and that i had to do something about it. Then it’s been a constant struggle to keep slim and it’s abit annoying when you didn’t have to think about it earlier. Once you’ve opened the box, it’s hard to close it!

  13. Aisha says:

    I was about 9 when I got chubbier, but started ballooning aged 11. Unsure why. I never liked gratuitous exercise (Exercise “just because”- gyms, most sports, etc.), but I do 1 hr zumba, 2 hrs dance, 1 hr PE weekly and a daily walk. I eat a school meal, lean meat and veg with some starch, have porridge, poached egg on toast or cornflakes for breakfast. Always have fruit and vegetables, drink 1.5 litres of water daily. And still weight 177lbs

  14. Diseño Web says:

    It is really fabulous, all positive, all in favor, this way of dealing with things is the one I like!

  15. Richard Lafon says:

    Every overweight person can get extra benefit from this post. Whenever they are feeling trouble with their fat they have to follow some proper instructions get rid of this troubling problem. But doing something natural is always best.

  16. I like the humor. I continued to be fat and I am taking all measures to control it.

  17. This is inspiring.. I know, I have to do something with my weight, need to also eat more healthy foods but I also lacking of determination, this post help.. I have also inspired by this 95 years old yoga guru, I cant believe with her age she still can do those difficult yoga poses. I felt so ashamed with myself but on the bright side its inspire me to work hard to achieved those dream figures.

  18. Very inspirational. 3 Years earlier, i used to be fat as well, i used to the victim of trolls and teasers who used to rag for being fast. I didn’t get fat by overeating, it is only because of my hormones and some thyroid problem. But i went on strict diet regime and medication for hormone problem. Here i am now, confident.

  19. B Gwapo says:

    I didn’t know why I opened this blog the first time I saw it. I have a normal figure, not so thin and not so fat, but I am afraid to be totally fat. Maintenance is very hard, balanced diet, exercise and intense discipline day by day is the key for improving your body. What is important is our health as well. I guess for fat people, strive a little harder if things don’t work out your way.. “No pain, no gain”

  20. When i was young i could’nt care less about food and such so i ate all kinds of crap. When i got older and stopped sporting a belly came. I realized after a while that i was fat and that i had to do something about it. Then it’s been a constant struggle to keep slim and it’s abit annoying when you didn’t have to think about it earlier. Once you’ve opened the box, it’s hard to close it!

    Edward From – Adidas golf shoes

  21. Very inspirational and positive for all our fat…cough…obese people.

  22. Hi,

    I have been fat lately, being fat is not the problem, it is the disease which needs to be treated. Fatness brings in more of problems than any substantial positives.

    A line of encouragement to Eric, “There ain’t nothing to stop you, pull the pedal and just go. Once you start, you will reach too”

    I have done intense workout and things are falling back to normal. Need to keep on doing daily fitness regime to stay fit. Nice post. 🙂

  23. Bruce says:

    I’m not what most people would consider fat nowadays, but I often feel that way. I’m working on it for myself. The key is to really change up your lifestyle, not just diet. Granola tastes alot better on a hike compared to how it tastes watching Burger King commercials on TV.

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