Meet Rob

Rob at Carnival

Rides aren’t just for kids!

Rob has two awesome children. He is a motivational teacher and writer. He has written for newspapers, blogs, and has had poetry published.

His desire is that you would live your life out loud!

He is always looking for another adventure. He has a fear of heights as evidenced on this youtube vid

scared stiff bungee jumping

He’s been snorkeling with sharks, skydiving, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, triking, some serious white water rafting, hiked Mt. Elbert and Mt. Whitney and has dressed as a nun for Halloween. He also has an H2 rating in hang gliding.

Lastly, he has been mercilessly pummeled with snowballs by his children, when he wasn’t ready.

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  1. Frank Shaw says:

    My Wife and I have had a place in the mountains for 15 years and I was skiing BC when I meet your daughter, Dakota, on the lift. She is most well spoken, good storyteller … just impressive for a 16 year old. She guided us over to the lift where we were going to meet friends. Her story about your job change and the cross country trip (in part of the country I know well) that your family made was, well…..? inspiring.
    To find out that she is home schooled and you are involved in self and family development was even more impressive. Congratulations for living ” it loud”.
    Admiring your Courage.

    Ps.. if you would allow me…I would like to send you a book that you may enjoy and a gift of Pink Ski gloves for you to give your daughter to recognize her generosity of time.

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