Hey, Hey, Hey

Hey, Hey, Hey
by Michael Franti and Spearhead

This is just about my favorite song of all time, and it’s new to me. Yes, I am the guy who plays a song over and over and over. But, the good news is, I don’t have a problem 🙂 A buddy (Steve) turned me on to this song. The words are power, plain and simple.
The video was directed and produced by Michael Franti. It follows him as he takes to the streets of various cities singing the song and focusing on the daily lives of those around him.

“‘Hey, Hey, Hey’ is about overcoming adversity and appreciating every second that we have on this planet. The video is centered around the lives of everyday people as we all experience rough times and lean on each other for support and to help lift our spirits,” says Michael.

Michael Franti was born in Oakland, California and was adopted by Carole Wisti and Charles Franti, a Finnish American couple in Oakland. He attended Davis Senior High School and graduated from the University of San Francisco. At school there he met a priest who taught him how to tell a story on paper, and soon began writing poetry. He purchased a bass at a pawn shop and started creating music. In 2000, Franti decided not to wear any shoes for three days. It stuck. Franti has been walking through life barefoot except for occasionally wearing flip-flops as required to board an airplane or to be served in a restaurant.



Live it LOUD!


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