Staying Stuck Forever While Risking Nothing

If I could share one sentence with the world it would be: Take a chance.

If I could convince friends, family members, clients of one thing it would be: Take a chance.

Your life is finite in that you will live it for only so long. On the other hand, how you live it, well my friends, that is infinite. Keep reading and I will give you a game plan for kicking ass. And, I’m not talking about a miniature donkey. I mean a big African wild assheehaw.

What story do we tell ourselves? What messages do we constantly put on autoplay?

If you are like most of us, probably a serious pile of crap. We talk about the past, past results, and how the future will be the same old thing. We quickly dismiss any success that pops into our mind.

What the hell is that anyway?

We are hardwired that way. We give more importance to the failures as a defensive mechanism. You can read about it here mind screwing.

So Rob, if we are hardwired shouldn’t we just give up and accept our lot?

Um, well, HECK NO!!! The reason is that I have seen many including myself push this to the side by Taking Chances. In fact, I have witnessed first hand turn-arounds no one would even believe.
Drug and alcohol addictions defeated. Happy ever after stories that came after a divorce. Folks thought of as having low intelligence with a Masters Degrees.

Come on friends, you have seen all of this also. These are the people that you make excuses about. He/she came from that family, they were always the smartest in class, blah blah blah.
The truth is that, some of that may be true. But, not for everyone.

Some are just like you. Like us. Meant to fight for everything.

Meant to Take Chances.

It isn’t much of a chance if you already know the outcome. That isn’t the way for most of us. Most of us will be stepping off of a ledge with a blindfold on.

That’s okay.

I can’t hold your hand but I can cheer you on and tell you it will be OKAY. It will be alright.

I am sure.


You have been in the same spot for an entire lifetime.

It’s time. Now.

I promise you this one thing. This one truth. The takeaway from this post.

If you take a chance everyday, YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE for as long as you have remaining.

What is there to lose? Your dash, your dream, you.

What is there to gain? Your self-respect. Your dash. Your dream. You.

Remember friend, you are the only you, you have.

Live it LOUD!


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