Staying Stuck Forever While Risking Nothing

If I could share one sentence with the world it would be: Take a chance.

If I could convince friends, family members, clients of one thing it would be: Take a chance.

Your life is finite in that you will live it for only so long. On the other hand, how you live it, well my friends, that is infinite. Keep reading and I will give you a game plan for kicking ass. And, I’m not talking about a miniature donkey. I mean a big African wild assheehaw.

What story do we tell ourselves? What messages do we constantly put on autoplay?

If you are like most of us, probably a serious pile of crap. We talk about the past, past results, and how the future will be the same old thing. We quickly dismiss any success that pops into our mind.

What the hell is that anyway?

We are hardwired that way. We give more importance to the failures as a defensive mechanism. You can read about it here mind screwing.

So Rob, if we are hardwired shouldn’t we just give up and accept our lot?

Um, well, HECK NO!!! The reason is that I have seen many including myself push this to the side by Taking Chances. In fact, I have witnessed first hand turn-arounds no one would even believe.
Drug and alcohol addictions defeated. Happy ever after stories that came after a divorce. Folks thought of as having low intelligence with a Masters Degrees.

Come on friends, you have seen all of this also. These are the people that you make excuses about. He/she came from that family, they were always the smartest in class, blah blah blah.
The truth is that, some of that may be true. But, not for everyone.

Some are just like you. Like us. Meant to fight for everything.

Meant to Take Chances.

It isn’t much of a chance if you already know the outcome. That isn’t the way for most of us. Most of us will be stepping off of a ledge with a blindfold on.

That’s okay.

I can’t hold your hand but I can cheer you on and tell you it will be OKAY. It will be alright.

I am sure.


You have been in the same spot for an entire lifetime.

It’s time. Now.

I promise you this one thing. This one truth. The takeaway from this post.

If you take a chance everyday, YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE for as long as you have remaining.

What is there to lose? Your dash, your dream, you.

What is there to gain? Your self-respect. Your dash. Your dream. You.

Remember friend, you are the only you, you have.

Live it LOUD!


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Some Gifts Keep On Giving

What’s a gift worth anyway?

I reckon it depends on the gift. We have no idea how our wings gently flapping the wind can impact others around us. We just might be touching greatness. In us, and others.

Taken from an essay in McCalls:

The children were in agonies of indecision over which package to open next, and as I waited, I noticed that while a small stack of presents mounted beside their mother’s chair, I had received not a single one. My disappointment was growing steadily, but I tried not to show it.

They took their time.

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Skin in the Game

A life coaching client shared with me that a friend of his pulled out of a backpacking trip to South America. The trip was 3 months away. In fact, it was so far away that he hadn’t even gotten supplies for his trip. This specific client had an open time frame for going due to his scheduling. In other words, he could go tomorrow or in 3 months.

Now, due to his friend, he wasn’t going to go.

I asked him why he wanted to go in the first place. Was it his friend’s idea or his.

It turned out that it was his. His friend “kind of” wanted to go (thus changing his mind).

Machu Pichu was a big reason but so was the Amazon rain forest. He had reasons. Good reasons.

Yet, he was willing to give it up just like that.

I called bullshit on him and told him to go anyway. “By myself?”

Yep, all by yourself.

I told him to buy the camera he insisted he needed. Buy the backpack. Buy the plane tickets. I told him to buy everything within 7 days and leave no later than 10 days from today.


Yep, 10 days.

He had the adventure of a lifetime which he shared during and after his trip.

The takeways:

If you want to do something, do not hinge it upon another person. It’s your thing not theirs. Own it. Do it regardless of external factors.

Get some skin in the game. Don’t plan endlessly. Get what you need for the experience and go and do.

Do or do not. There is no try. -Yoda

Nobody wants to hear about something you WERE going to do. In that case, we wouldn’t be reading Into Thin Air, we wouldn’t follow the jacked dude on Instagram, we wouldn’t be interested in what Elon Musk’s next project is.

Get your skin in the game. Be willing to experience something new. Take chances.

Today Has Power…but only if you want to.

Now live it,

Live it LOUD!


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Changing Today

Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion.
You must set yourself on fire.
– Reggie Leach

Changing TodayI’m not going to give you a rah-rah spiel with a think positive twist.

Can that work for some of the people some of the time? It’s in the ballpark, sort of.

But, what I will offer to you is 100% effective. Every time.

I didn’t invent it, so I won’t take the credit. But, will it work? Yes. Continue reading

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What Is Freedom Worth?

Freedom can be a funny little thing.

What’s it worth anyway? What's Freedom Worth? a littleWhat's Freedom Worth?

I mean, what would you pay to have your idea of freedom?

I can tell you for most of us freedom is time.

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8 Things That Will Change Your Life

Be willing to grow. I love meeting people who started out way over here, and ended up way over there. Their shifts in thinking change, and they become almost unrecognizable. They become who they are, but even that, is subject to assimilation at some other point if other possibilities are presented. Grow in some different way today. It’s okay.

Be a life-long learner. Grandma Moses was still painting at 101 years old. She was still learning. How many of us have stopped? Learn something new today.

Be healthy. You want to live an epic life? Put down the Dorito’s. Grab a handful of walnuts and go out for a run. Put on your mp3 and learn something while you’re at it. Helping yourself in three different ways, all at the same time…epic! Take care of at least one aspect of your health today.

Help others. You don’t have to travel around the world to help someone. A simple smile can make a difference. You can volunteer in your neighborhood. Coach, mentor. Have you found the keys to success in some area? Share it without charging. There are a lot of people waiting for you.

Be an encourager. Some people go through life berating and chastising others. What a loss. Be different. Practice genuine compliment giving. Not to brag, but just to tell you that I want to live an epic life also, here is something that I do. When I hit the gym I scan it for overweight folks who are in there trying to get it done. I find a way to strike up a conversation (I might work out next to them or just say ‘hello’). Since I am there to work out, I make the conversation brief, but it is focused on encouragement. If they are receptive, I may throw in a pointer or two that can be put into practical use, such as: drinking a glass of grapefruit juice every day will create weight-loss without changing or adding anything else (up to eight pounds a month), or that an apple before a meal will help you eat less of the meal since the apple is a fibrous fruit (especially good if the meal is fried chicken!). It feels good when you see that someone has lost a good amount of weight and they thank you personally.  

Take chances. This may be the most important one on the list. To have any measurable success, you must be willing to take chances. Flee your comfort zone. Nothing epic can be achieved by staying right where you are. Nothing. The people you read about and admire took chances. Join them.

Be persistent. Don’t be a quitter unless you want to be average. Look around. Do you notice those who have quit? Where are they? Go after something. Use reckless abandon until you’ve achieved it. Then, go after something else. Start the habit of persistency.  

Suffering through SELF-DISCIPLINE is good. Very good. Most people have no idea what it feels like to be in the circle of success. It is from one reason alone; they lack self-discipline. They refuse self-discipline. You know this is for you and that I am right. Even now you are reading this and making some excuse why it isn’t true. Okay, stop reading. For the rest of you that know you’ve messed things up, it isn’t too late. Start with some small things such as: get up 10 minutes earlier, read even 5 pages of a book everyday, do 25 jumping jacks everyday, say hi to a stranger. These small seemingly inconsequential things can grow BIG. It can be the beginning of you trusting you again, or maybe even trusting yourself for the first time. Nothing else is more important than you starting this important, life altering habit. A little at a time will work. Read my article on momentum stacking.

Finally my friends, live it.

And not for Pete’s sake but for yours…

Live it LOUD!


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The Post You Need But Don’t Want to Read

One thing matters.


We get lost in bullshit.

We get lost in emails.

We get lost in texting.

Social media, gossip, debating politics, debating religion, debating who should win Dancing w/the Stars.

Shit that won’t change your life.

We debate with ourselves: working out, eating healthy, what to watch, who to date, who to listen to. We bullshit ourselves on all of this because it’s easier to bullshit ourselves then to do hard shit.

We seek advice, but don’t really want it.

We want tablespoons of bullshit fed to us. We are eager to eat it. We only look for sources that will feed us bullshit.

We are on a strict diet.


Things nobody gives a shit about.

Nobody gives a damn what struggles you have had, will have, or are having right at this mother fucking moment.

You yourself avoid all of your Debbie Downer ‘friends’. Yet, for some heightened level of major bullshit, you think we want to hear yours.

We care about your struggles.

Sure we do.

For fuck’s sake some of us are happy you have your fucking struggles. It makes our life easier.

So, quit your bullshit and get on with it. Get on with living your life the way you know you should be living it. Make it what you want it to be.

Don’t look for excuses.

Design the mother fucker and live it.

Live it Loud!

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From Fat to Phat – One Man’s Story

If you read Calling All Fat People in my previous post then you have the background for this next post. This is a continuation of what can happen when someone decides that now is the time.

THP- You took on a major challenge, tell us about it.

Eric Ewing- On June 12, 2013 I left my home in Tucson, AZ to ride my bicycle to Council Bluffs, IA. Accompanied by my fiancé’s 16-year-old son, traveled 1,346 miles, through 7 states, over 37 days and climbed around 36,000 feet while crossing some of the most beautiful parts of America at an average speed of 10 miles an hour; it was a major challenge and an amazing adventure.

Eric and Makani Day 5 of their Epic RodetoRAGBRAI adventure

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Calling All Fat People

Are you fat?Tub Of Lard

Not another politically correct term.

I mean fat.

Are you?

If you aren’t, stop reading. If you are fat and you know it, join me for a few minutes.

My friend Eric is fat. A giant tub of goo (his description).

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Anywhere’s a Better Place to Be

‘Cause I know I’m goin’ nowhere and
anywhere’s a better place to be.
-Harry Chapin

Tomorrow will work.

Next week even better.

Three years from now is fine.

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