The Post You Need But Don’t Want to Read

One thing matters.


We get lost in bullshit.

We get lost in emails.

We get lost in texting.

Social media, gossip, debating politics, debating religion, debating who should win Dancing w/the Stars.

Shit that won’t change your life.

We debate with ourselves: working out, eating healthy, what to watch, who to date, who to listen to. We bullshit ourselves on all of this because it’s easier to bullshit ourselves then to do hard shit.

We seek advice, but don’t really want it.

We want tablespoons of bullshit fed to us. We are eager to eat it. We only look for sources that will feed us bullshit.

We are on a strict diet.


Things nobody gives a shit about.

Nobody gives a damn what struggles you have had, will have, or are having right at this mother fucking moment.

You yourself avoid all of your Debbie Downer ‘friends’. Yet, for some heightened level of major bullshit, you think we want to hear yours.

We care about your struggles.

Sure we do.

For fuck’s sake some of us are happy you have your fucking struggles. It makes our life easier.

So, quit your bullshit and get on with it. Get on with living your life the way you know you should be living it. Make it what you want it to be.

Don’t look for excuses.

Design the mother fucker and live it.

Live it Loud!

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1 Response to The Post You Need But Don’t Want to Read

  1. Ivan Jordon says:

    We are free to do the things we want and shout it out!

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