Encouragement From Me to You

Maybe your parents never told you that you rock.

Well, you do.






Maybe you’ve had ‘friends’ tell you that you can’t.

Well, you can.







Just maybe, you have failed.

That’s okay.





Maybe you’re 70 or 17 and you’re convinced that it doesn’t get any better.

It does.ontopoftheworld

Today is that day that you will look back on.

The day that you found out,
“You are awesome”.


There, I said it.

How can I know that?

I know that because I am awesome.

I wasn’t told that.

I told myself.

I’ve been told that I couldn’t.

I did.

I’ve failed.

That’s okay.oops

I’ve succeeded.

That’s even more okay.Homer-Cheer1

I’m no longer afraid to fail.

I trust myself to get back up.success

You will too.

Keep trying.

Take action.takeaction

You will start to believe in yourself.

More actions will follow.actnow

Give yourself the gift of belief.

Belief, in yourself.

After all, you are awesome.yesyou

Live it LOUD!


P.S. I have a friend named Eric who has been taking some serious action. Most reading this will not consider reading the books on my must read page. Most will not take action. Be inspired by one man’s journey to join the club.

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24 Responses to Encouragement From Me to You

  1. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Eric Ewing says:

    Rob… You are awesome!

    This past weekend I was in El Paso with a bus load of students for a convention and every spare moment I had my nose in a Steve Pressfield book, recommended by you… The War of Art, Do The Work!, The Warriors Ethos and Turning Pro. I devoured these books like a ravenous dog feasting on fresh road kill ( sorry, that came from something I saw on a recent bike ride, but it is an apt description). And I am on my second read through.

    ROB, the great thing is I have identified the enemy; I have studied his ways and I know, now, how he has outwitted me in the past. On April 15th I turned PRO! I am no longer afraid! I can out-wit resistance! And I will blog about that in the next few weeks.

    By the way, went to a restaurant this week and resistance had no power over me. I went to a family picnic yesterday with tons of amazing food and guess what… that’s right, resistance had no power over me.

    Love you man. Keep up the great work!


    • Rob says:

      You are also Eric. Thank you.

      I’ve been anxiously awaiting the latest post to see what it holds. Now, I’m really anxious.

      Ah, the raw truth and beauty of Pressfield’s prose…

      More beautiful, yet, when we are ready to receive it.

      Just the mention of El Paso brings back awesome memories of the not so distant past.

      Congrats on turning pro. Few ever do. Resistance never leaves, but it becomes much easier to ignore it and ‘do the work’.

      Welcome my Brother.

      Enjoy the ride,


    • Ron says:

      I have found my biggest enemy is ME! I can bring myself down or pick myself up. I can decide one day that what I am doing isn’t working and just give up, or make changes and get it working the way I want it to. You can never look outside yourself for someone else to give you your power back, it has to come within! This was a great post and I hope a lot of people read it and get the message! Thank you!! You ARE Great!

      • Rob says:

        Thank you Ron,

        Not to self-promote but, I covered this topic fairly well in my eBook, “How To Get Anything You Want
        Out Of Life…And More!

        Not the idea of self-deprecation, but rather, moving forward regardless of how we feel. Imagine our potential if we all kept swinging (like Reggie Jackson) after striking out the three previous times. Most of us are looking for a reason to quit. So, if we have to work a half of an hour later, we decide it’s alright not to hit the gym. Then, we ‘feel’ worse.

        My encouragement to you is to ignore that part of you that brings you down. Allow it to ramble while you continue to push forward. Eventually it will get the idea that it isn’t welcome.
        That it has no power. That you will continue in spite of ‘feelings’ and set-backs.

        Live it Extremely LOUD!


  3. Hey Rob,

    Very encouraging post! It’s truly inspiring. I like the simplicity of the post and yet even though it’s simple, its content is very clear and the usage of the picture clips is very good. Thanks for the encouragement and expect me to do my best because “I am Awesome”.

  4. Jacob@Managed VPS says:

    Thanks for sharing.I like it.Instruction does much, but encouragement everything

    • Rob says:

      Love that Jacob. I see that in my children as well as in adults.

      Belief can be contagious. Pass that belief on!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hey Rob just a great and inspirational blog thanks for sharing.

  6. What power! =) You are a living example of being awesome and living that awesomeness! =) I’m so glad I have you in my blogging life to give me that boost of energy whenever I need it! I’ve been struggling with getting over what I feel are obstacles in yoga, but I know that they’re just mindsets. Thanks for being amazing!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Sam,

      That’s why I’m here:)

      The feeling is mutual, you are the cream my friend. Trying to live that daring adventure…like you!

      Thanks for being a friend (to me and the family).


  7. Darcy says:

    This article is written in such a creative way, awesome stuff, and YOU are awesome as well

  8. James says:

    Hey Rob, that was quite inspiring. I think the main thing which holds us back from fulfilling our dreams is the fear of failure. Most of us are afraid to try again and again. We are scared of what others would say, but speaking frankly it doesn’t matter. People take time to realize this and all they are left with is to regret.

  9. James says:

    Hi Rob, you have done a good job. Encouragement is not only required for doing big things in life, it is a very basic necessity of all human beings. We need to be encouraged for whatever we do in our daily life. It gets very difficult when people start to demotivate you, but you must continue being assured that whatever you are doing isn’t wrong.

  10. David says:

    It takes a lot of courage to keep on trying, after successive failures. It is not easy to convince yourself that whatever you are working on will work out one day. Very few people are there to encourage you, otherwise you will find discouragement from everyone else. You have to be strong.

  11. Nicholas says:

    In real life, you come across very few people who encourage you to go on. In most cases, you will find people taunting you about your failures, and trying you hold you back. Frankly speaking, I encourage myself whenever I feel down.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Nick,

      Indeed. Rely on self. If others encourage besides that, great. It turns out that we are more generous to others when we offer ourselves the same luxury.


  12. TheCafeBook says:

    Thanks for boosting me up 😉

  13. Prem says:

    Hi Rob,
    great motivatioanl words. Thanks for sharing ;-0 Never Give Up

  14. oglasi says:

    Wow ,everobody needs a little encouragement from time to time ,we all have fails and successes ,and sometime is reading a post like this enough to feel better
    Live it LOUD

  15. Sagar says:

    Nice and very encouraging post

    Life comes up with many type of situations some good and some bad. We all enjoy our happiness while in sadness we always get discouraged. The above post has some great words that will help you boost up.

    Encouraging words are like great blessing for the sad. They help the people to smile , built some encouragement for the people who are undergoing trauma. I would like to connect one quote with me which is “Give yourself the gift of belief. Belief, in yourself.”

    Great post and thanks for sharing.

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