A Different Way of Thinking

We’re just alike my friend.

Socially, relationally and financially, good things started happening for me.

It’s funny when you start to have success how people view you. They think that you must have been born with a silver spoon. They categorize you in the smarter, better looking slot. He must’ve had a perfect childhood. You can just tell he’s just ‘one of those guys’ who’ve always had it together. Then, they hear (or read) my story. Wow. He must be something really special to overcome some of those things.

I went from viewing others as getting all the breaks, to others viewing me as if I was getting all the breaks.

Well, which way is it? It can’t be both, can it?

No. It isn’t either. It is only the thinking that has changed.

You see, when I insisted on thinking in a poor way, I got poor results. I imprisoned myself. The key to freedom was in my own hand. But, until I was ready, I couldn’t unlock the door. It was easier and less painful for me to make excuses. Making changes and being proactive can be a mite painful. Much easier just to go ahead and stay put. With excuses, there is no accountability. Much easier.

Now, when you start being accountable, that’s another story altogether.

You can’t just come home from work and turn the TV on; you have to read. You have to learn. You have to grow. You have to get outside THE COMFORT ZONE.

You have to begin practical steps for making a better tomorrow, today.

Oh, the agony of change!

You must unlearn yourself a bit. You must accept why you’re where you’re at, or you’re just going to end up right back there again. You’ll be back to ground zero with all the fresh excuses to go with it.

I’ve been able to do some special things in life. It’s just beginning though. I have some serious catching up to do. You see, it took me a while to learn some of life’s lessons for myself.

It took me time to realize that I was no different from the next successful person. My experiences may have started me on a different path, but the end result could be the same.

I hope that you’re thinking continues to develop. I hope you realize your actions today will dictate your tomorrow. No need for us to take into account yesterday. As you do this, you will come to the same conclusion that I did: We’re Just Alike.

If you are at a place right now that seems hopeless, it really isn’t. I can tell you that from my personal experience. I can tell you that once committed, little can hold you back. Once you determine to put aside everything besides persistence, doors will start opening.

You will find, as I have that little else will matter. I write this not as a know-it-all but as a member of the club. I do realize that in your failure and your success we are no different my friend.

In fact, we’re just alike.

I offer this from my heart and encourage you to…

Live it LOUD!


Look How Hard He Works!


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33 Responses to A Different Way of Thinking

  1. “No need to look back” – live in the present moment as that is all we have. You have to be willing to let go – of the past, of everything. And as you persist, work, learn, challenge yourself, do not get discouraged or you may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by giving up just a moment too soon. Never give up.

    I just signed a contract to sell some family antique furniture that I didn’t really want to give up. Seems small, but it holds a lot of emotional energy. I had to be willing to let go of the past to energize the future…so, here we go! The week is off to a great start.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Julie,

      I love this:
      “And as you persist, work, learn, challenge yourself, do not get discouraged or you may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by giving up just a moment too soon.”

      The furniture is a tough situation, but your outlook is phenomenal. The week is off to an AWESOME start.

      Keep Living it LOUD!

  2. Hey Rob,
    We often think that successful people are lucky or just born that way. The is the conclusion that the mind comes up with.

    When we change the way that we think our entire reality will shift accordingly. The cool thing is that we can do this at anytime. Try it for two days and see the results I often tell people. It really works.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Justin,

      That advice is spot-on. I would add that you must stay the course for the two days. You will fail at times, but get right back on the horse and keep doing it for the whole of two days.

      And, will you succeed? Yes, indeed. You’re 98 and 3/4% guaranteed!
      Kid, you’ll move mountains!
      Dr. Seuss

      Live it LOUD!

  3. Paul says:

    Great message Rob,

    Whenever you look at people who have overcome tremendous odds to succeed in life, you’ll see that beauty, brains, a trust fund are not commonalities. These people all have tremendous passion for what they do. They work hard and they don’t give up.

    I did a similar type analysis on my blog a few weeks ago on what it means to be “lucky,” and alot of it has to do more with your mentality and attitude than anything else. Skills can be learned. Beauty fades. But bring a strong work ethic, and an optimistic attitude, and you’ll notice that things organically just get better by themselves.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Paul,

      Great points: “Skills can be learned. Beauty fades. But bring a strong work ethic, and an optimistic attitude, and you’ll notice that things organically just get better by themselves.”

      It reminds me of a quote I heard a while back by an author (not sure who). “I only write when I fell creative. Fortunately, I feel creative every morning at 9am” 🙂

      Live it LOUD!

  4. Hajra says:

    Hey Rob,

    I was always the one who thought people were definitely born with a little bit of luck. I mean somewhere we cannot deny it. For example, David Beckham’s kids are just plain lucky, they are born rich, will be able to harness opportunities because of daddy and mommys influence, and maybe be just as successful.

    But then again look at Lady Gaga, a girl who dreamed big and realized her strengths and ability to use them to the maximum. so there you go! Maybe we aren’t born lucky, but then we have the power to build our own luck!

    • Hi Hajra,
      I disagree that Beckham’s kids are lucky from the start. I’m sure they have unique challenges. And one small error in judgement, it is all it takes to screw up, whether you are rich or poor.
      I couldn’t resist to jump in:)

    • Rob says:

      There’s my Kvetching Gal!

      You gave both sides of the argument….very well played. You are a true Psych Major 🙂
      I’m a bit too old to be adopted by Beckham so I guess I’ll just keep plugging away and smiling.
      Keep smiling Hajra.

      Live it QUIETLY…people are trying to sleep…

  5. You’re a man of inspiration.

    The theme in this post is what keeps striking me as beautiful. We’re much the same.

    If only we could all grasp this in our own lives! We’re all human. We’re cut from the same cloth. We all have difficulties and problems. They’re just painted a little different on the outside. Whether it’s health, physical abilities, talents, finances, skills – we’re all thrown a different set of clubs, so play the game well with what you’ve got!

    I need to live more like this. Thinking positively and bringing the good things into my life. The good is out there – I just need to grab it.

    SO happy for you. I’m so happy that things are going well. I love hearing that. I just watched PianoLessonGirl videos online for a bit last night, and certainly enjoyed that gift. She’s incredible. I bet it’s beautiful to watch your children growing up strong, talented and blessed.

    Life is worth living. So LIVE IT LOUD! 😉

    • Rob says:

      Hey Christian,

      Not too different than your parents watching you continue to grow into a fantastic human being. I think our families would greatly enjoy each others company.

      “…we’re all thrown a different set of clubs, so play the game well with what you’ve got!”
      How true this is. Make the club at hand do what you want it to whether it be an iron, wedge or driver. See an opportunity and seize it.

      Keep spreading the Hollingsworth’s joy!
      It makes a difference.

  6. “You must unlearn yourself a bit” I love this.

    It’s about stretching, isn’t it? And discomfort, curiosity, lot’s of coffee, fear…
    And it’s about adventure, and more fear, and mistakes, and more mistakes.
    That’s what it’s all is about.

    We are all alike…

  7. Steve says:

    You make some great statements. It’s true that you need to take positive action in order to get where you want to be. You can’t just sit around watching TV all day and hope that changes will happen. Make them happen.

    I’ve been viewed as someone with all the breaks too even though good things didn’t come easy to me. I just made sure to keep trying until I got what I wanted.

    I’m glad things are going well for you.


    • Rob says:

      Hey Steve,
      Thanks for the comments. I think we’re similar. It wasn’t so easy-breezy for me either, but worth it. There really is a light at the end of the tunnel, but one must keep pushing even when they don’t see it.

      Live it LOUD!

  8. I agree that we’re all alike. Most people that get together and start talking about their issues tend to realize that their aren’t the only ones with those issues. Always a good idea to not live in the past, but present … to shape tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing Rob.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Vitaly,

      Most of us really do face similar struggles. Our reactions are different. We must push forward at every incline.
      Thanks for checking in Vitaly.

      Live it LOUD!

  9. Success is really just a mindset.
    When you start seeing solutions, more solutions appear.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Daniel,

      Your comments are mini-posts by themselves. You have a wonderful way of stating reality my friend.
      Live it LOUD!

  10. Chadrack@Making Money Blogging says:

    Hi Rob,

    I love the idea of “you must unlearn yourself a bit!” I actually have to do that sometime ago. Many of us still don’t know the power our minds holds over us. Since I learnt that secret one of my lines have become: Get it into your heart and you’ll have it in your hand!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Chadrack,
      Always appreciate your visits. I love the honesty of your blog which means YOU. Your posts do not sugar coat anything but tell it like it is.
      RE your comment: That line of yours is good. Real good.

      Live it LOUD!

      • Waninha says:

        Susan Johnson Posted on Rob such beautiful words about life as a new fahter. It is truly a miracle. Each day will bring new joy. Please continue to keep us updated and love those pictures. You now see your EPIC kids in new eyes and will be on a new and different walk with them. Congrats again to both of you .Susan

  11. Hi Rob,

    What a very inspiring post. I quite agree that we have to begin practical steps today if we want to reach our aspirations. All of us are indeed the same. Only that successful persons have done something in their lives to make it better.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Calli,

      Thanks for reading. I think success lies in the effort we put forth, whether it leads to vast success or little.

      Live it LOUD!

  12. Annie Andre says:

    sorry i’m late to the party. I was out of internet range for almost a week and i came back and my RSS feeder blew up.. Whew.

    I really love this post because lately i’ve been feeling really stretched and starting to get a little down as i keep seeing so many people around me making strides while i feel stagnant.
    I sometimes get that unshakable feeling that i’m on the outside looking in.
    But this was the perfect reminder that we are all the same, cut from the same cloth and probably thinking a lot of the same things even if we don’t say it out loud. I’m feeling ambitious today and i’ve set some goals today to do LESS busy work and more results oriented activities. I need a little confidence boosting which only comes from results. So i need to get busy..

    I’m so glad to hear you are finally reaching and feeling the success. it’s a wonderful and refreshing feeling. Ride the wave. It makes all that hard work all the more sweeter.

    Thanks for this truly inspirational piece. Time to get busy….

    • Rob says:

      Hey Annie,

      A friend is never late, but always just on time. As for me, I’m merely touching the water with my toes right now, but my focus in life is not being Donald Trump. I want to be the best Rob Adelphia (husband, father, friend) as I can be. I want to leave what I touch just a little better.
      I think you’re no different (except wife of course!). Not only do you know how to succeed, more importantly, you know how not to. It will be interesting to see what mountain the Andre family is scaling 2 months from now. Will it be in Peru? Colorado? Or, possibly Everest? Wouldn’t surprise me at all.
      I’d like to get some info on your sleep mask product. I will tweet and even give you a link here. Us home schoolers have to stick together! I’ll be in touch.

      This is your day…
      Live it LOUD!

  13. hongvan says:

    Totally agree that when we insisted on thinking in a poor way, we get poor results. We imprison ourselves. Even if anything happened,we should learn the way to think positively.Thanks so much for your meaningful sharing.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Friend,

      I agree. And, we have a winner! Poor thoughts can indeed lead to poor results.
      Thank you for sharing, and have a great day.

      Live it LOUD!

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  15. Lena Kwan says:

    Rob, this is a great message! For me, my past is connected to my present, yes, I let go but its still there. Just learned from the past experiences and will never go back on that again. There’s a lesson to learn from the past. Think positive and don’t give up!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Lena,

      So glad to hear that you are choosing the next chapter in your own book. Make it a best-seller!
      Thanks for stopping and sharing…I can definitely relate. 🙂

      Live it LOUD!

  16. Balu says:

    After reading this post, definitely I’m thinking of changing, i think you have done lot of hardwork for this post, i truly agree if you want to achieve success you need to think something out of the box, so thinking differently is very essential.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Balu,

      Writing the post was easy. Living the post, not so much. It’s a daily choice. Enjoy your choices.

      Thanks for the visit.

      Live it LOUD!

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