What Would You Accomplish If You Were Blind to Failing?

We are what we believe we are.
– C. S. Lewis

What Would You Accomplish

If you were completely ignorant of the possibility of failing what could you achieve? Anything, right? I mean, there wouldn’t be any limitations.

Nothing would hold you back.                   You would probably give that extra 20% needed to get over the HUMP.                You would shake the dust off that bestseller you quit writing three years ago.    You would learn how to ballroom dance.                   You would quit the job that has kept you in place for six years.           You would tell her (or him) you love them.        You would throw clay on a pottery wheel.          You’d laugh without covering your smile.
You’d apologize. You wouldn’t wait to do it, either.       You would write that letter.                 You would tell your harassing boss . . . (okay, let’s keep it clean).     You would admit it was your fault.        You would smile at strangers.       You would be the silence breaker on the elevator.   You might bungy jump.       You would get that account.       You would be inventive in the kitchen.                You would see a stranger having a bad go of it and mention that you’ve been there before and was there anything you could do to help.         You would sing karaoke without being drunk.        You would run a marathon.        You would relocate.          You would be a joy to be around.
You would climb a mountain.            You would sail for a year.
You would finger paint.          You would gently tell Aunt Sally to butt out.
You would keep trying until you were an expert at something.
You would buy the 57 Chevy that needs restoring.      You would wear sweat pants out of the house.         You’d start college. Again.
You would eat at a restaurant without looking at the prices.
You would finish what you started.
You would start.
You would.

Live it friends.

Live it and live it LOUD!

Remember, you are the only you, you have.

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1 Response to What Would You Accomplish If You Were Blind to Failing?

  1. Nora Whalen says:

    What a great question! I think I might make a list and see what I can’t start tackling. That’s for the inspiration!

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