What Is Really Holding You Back?

What Is Really Holding You Back?

Finish the next sentence:

“I’ve always wanted to…”


Now, answer these 5 questions:

1) What has prevented you from doing it to this point?

2)  How important is it to you?

3) How would doing it improve your life in the long term?

4) What steps can you take to reach your objective?

5) What is really holding you back?


Have a great day.

Live it LOUD!


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17 Responses to What Is Really Holding You Back?

  1. Rob, Great questions, and I actually have the answers 🙂 Just stopping by to say hi!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Julie,

      Knowing (having) the answers is knowing yourself. I’ve seen you’ve been busy around the blogosphere lately. GREAT! I hope all is heading the right way for you my friend. Always nice to see you 🙂

      Keep Living it LOUD!

  2. Hey Rob,
    How have you been? Asking and answering questions is crucial to digging in and finding who we really are.

  3. Asking yourself questions, when framed the right way, is very powerful for forcing your mind to come up with the answers… and that applies to improving all aspects of life.

    If you ask yourself … “How can I [insert the goal of your desire] ?” and you keep asking yourself over and over, eventually your mind will supply the answer you are seeking. Obviously, taking action will allow this to happen a lot faster.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Andrew,

      I have found this to be the case. 🙂
      We must be willing to ask ‘real’ questions, and then, answer them honestly. The ceiling is not physical but mental. In order to raise it, or get rid of it altogether, we must be accountable for our actions. Growth will have no choice but to happen. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

      Live it LOUD!

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  5. Melvin says:

    Great concept Rob! I find these questions really helpful.

    Oh and by the way, I’ve included a link of this post with my latest one. 🙂

  6. Brock Blohm says:

    Interesting questions. And important ones, as well.

    Several years ago, when I couldn’t answer #5, I knew it was time for a change. A big one. Had I not asked myself that question, I’m not sure I where I would be.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Brock,

      Being honest with ourselves is of the utmost importance. If we can’t trust ourselves, who can we trust?
      Asking ourselves those tough questions (and seeking answers) can be the birthing pains of the ‘new you’.

      Glad you found that person my friend. Thanks for sharing.

      Live it LOUD!

  7. I think point 3 is particularly salient. Far too often we spend a ton of time pursuing goals that are unlikely to result in any long-term benefit. You really need to identify those goals that are likely to help you over the long haul, and waste less effort pursuing low-value short-term wants.

    • Rob says:

      Excellent point. We haven’t invented the get rich quick idea (see: goldrush), but it certainly pervades today’s society. Steady plodding and seizing opportunity usually win out.

      Live it LOUD!

  8. Joseph says:

    Question #3 flash back on me what i experience a year ago. It took me months to decide that it is the right time to face the challenges in internet marketing world.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Joseph,

      I hope you are knocking it out of the park my friend. If one is motivated enough, good things can come.

      Keep living it LOUD Joseph!

  9. There are times in my life where I can’t do what I plan to do for that day. There some hindrances which I really want to overcome but I felt like maybe I shouldn’t do it. I will answer your questions when there is something holding me back again. Nice post!. XD

  10. Nickie Y. says:

    Thanks for this! Such a great way to remember what it is you want and how to go about getting it. Sometimes we need this bit of refreshment to keep us on our toes.

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