What Has Gotten You Where You Are?

“You’ll never find a better sparring partner
than adversity.”
– Golda Meir

A friend of mine inspired this article. It is short in comparison to other articles for a reason. So anyway, he was mulling over where he was in life and how he’d gotten there. I’ve asked very similar questions at various times in my life.

You may have heard this next story or some variation of it at some time. Not only is it relevant, but, it is necessary for us to analyze our way of thinking. We need to consider choices we’ve made (and are making):

A person (you, me . . . we) was walking down a certain street and falls into a great hole. We are unable to extricate ourselves from the hole without much trying and much effort. But, after several attempts, we are able to paw our way out of the hole. The following day we find ourselves walking down the same block, down the same street, and again falling right into the same hole. Again, it takes several attempts to get out. A third day we come to the street, KNOWING what’s down the street, but, again, we walk down and fall into this s-a-m-e @#*** hole. This pattern continues on and on until one day we come up to the street, we look down the street and know full well what that street has to offer. We then make a life-changing decision. We decide that another hole on another street on another day may hold us captive (a willing captive, I might add). But, it won’t be this hole on this street on this day.

I have done a whole lot of digging in my life. The darndest thing is that it was all by choice. Very seldom have I fallen into a hole that has taken me by surprise. How about you? How long have you been stuck? For some of us it may have only been weeks, for some months, years, and even for some it has been the better part of their lives. Some holes are worse than others. But, you can free yourself from ANY hole. It may take awhile, but, it can be done. The catch is that you must avoid the streets that have holes. You must lookout for your own best interests. If you don’t, who will? Make it a point today (and tomorrow) to steer clear of those streets. Make the choices that fulfill, not kill.

Remember friend, you are the only you, you have!

Now, get out there and live it, and live it loud!

Live it friend, live it.

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