A Top Ten List of Top Ten Lists

I wrote these lists out as an answer to satisfy our great appetite for lists. In some cases there is a link to the full post, in others, that is the full post. 🙂 Anything you ever wanted to know should be covered. It will take you every bit of six hours and seventeen minutes to read it, minus the six hours.

Also, you will note that some lists don’t have ten and that there are more than ten lists. I  actually thought about titling it: A Sometimes Top Ten List of Top Ten Lists And Other Lists Numbered In Various Sequences…but, for obvious reasons I went against it. If you feel that you were cheated in any way by the title I went with, go here immediately for a full-refund. Otherwise read on and be sure to leave a comment. I love me some feedback!

And now:

9 Rules for Living an Epic Life

Have you heard enough of this word yet? It does seem to be making the rounds. What exactly does the word epic mean?

epicn. very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinaryEpic Sunset

Good. Now we have something measurable: Impressive, and surpassing the ordinary.

So, I ask, what kind of life surpasses the ordinary?
These are my own opinions based upon my experiences.
They are subject to change anytime I meet with another rule for living that I deem ‘epic’.

  1. Say, ‘I’m sorry.’
    How many people do you know that are quick to apologize? How many people do you know who refuse to? You decide which is epic. Apologize to someone today.
  2. Be willing to grow.
    I love meeting people who started out way over here, and ended up way over there. Their shifts in thinking change, and they become almost unrecognizable. They become who they are, but even that, is subject to assimilation at some other point if other factors are presented. Grow in some way today.
  3. Be a life-long learner.
    Grandma Moses was still painting at 101 years old. She was still learning. How many of us have stopped. Learn something today.
  4. Being healthy.
    You want to live an epic life? Put down the Dorito’s. Grab a handful of walnuts and go out for a run. Put on your mp3 and learn something while you’re at it. Helping yourself in three different ways, all at the same time…epic! Take care of at least one aspect of your health today.
  5. Help others.
    You don’t have to travel to India to help someone. A simple smile can make a difference. You can volunteer in your neighborhood. Coach, mentor. Have you found the keys to success in some area? Share it without charging. There are a lot of people waiting for you. Help someone today.
  6. Be an encourager.
    Some people go through life berating and chastising others. What a loss. Be different. Practice genuine compliment giving. Not to brag, but just to tell you that I want to live an epic life also, here is something that I do. When I hit the gym I scan it for overweight folks who are in there trying to get it done. I find a way to strike up a conversation (I might work out next to them or just say ‘hello’). Since I am there to work out, I make the conversation brief, but it is focused on encouragement. If they are receptive, I may throw in a pointer or two that can be put into practical use, such as: drinking a glass of grapefruit juice every day will create weight-loss without changing or adding anything else (up to eight pounds a month), or that an apple before a meal will help you eat less of the meal since the apple is fibrous fruit (especially good if the meal is fried chicken). It feels good when you see that someone has lost a good amount of weight and they thank you personally. Encourage someone today.
  7. Take chances.
    This may be the most important one on the list. To have any measurable success, one must take chances. We must flee our comfort zone. Nothing epic can be achieved by staying right where you are. Nothing. Read non-fiction stories of the chances some took. They are amazing. Your chances will probably pale in comparison. So, what are you waiting for? Go take a chance today.
  8. Be willing to suffer.
    We all will or have suffered in some way. Some was given to us by life, and others we asked for. We can’t do much to what life gives us except fight through it. We can eliminate a lot of the unnecessary suffering we endure by making better choices. There is a good kind of suffering, though.  It is self-imposed and used for growth or success (or both). Some examples of this may be: shutting your favorite show off and doing something positive with the time, exercising or dieting, getting less sleep while building that business or going to class. These all will create some form of suffering. But they are all good reasons to suffer. Suffer today.
  9. Be persistent.
    Don’t be a quitter unless you want to be average. Look around. Do you notice those who have quit? Where are they? Have they named anything after them? Go after something. Use reckless abandon until you’ve achieved it. Then, go after something else. Start the habit of persistency. Be persistent today.

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18 and a Half Things That Don’t Really Matter

  1. Lost or any other must-see TV.
    Do you get more benefit from watching tv or from reading this blog? Ouch, hey that hurt 🙂 But seriously folks, shut it off and be amazed at what you can accomplish. How badly do you want it?
  2. I am past my prime.
    Only you decide what your prime truly is. Take action today and you will start to trust yourself. A step at a time enables you to climb any staircase. Start with the first step and you will soon realize that you have way more prime than even you thought.
  3. I’m too young.
    Stop, drop and read! There are many examples of extraordinary accomplishments that were achieved by little rascals.
  4. Bad childhood.
    Ahh yes, the memories. You are in charge of today. There may never be closure or reasons sufficient to satisfy. Don’t let this stop you from prospering friend. Build your library with inspiration and your mind will follow.
  5. I have an ugly car.
    What? Believe me, I have heard this one.
  6. I’m not that smart.
    Good. Neither am I. And, it seems to be working just fine.
  7. No, really. I’m not that smart.
    To very loosely paraphrase a biblical verse, “Ambition covers a multitude of flaws”.
  8. I have no talent.
    Well, you are good at lying.
  9. I have four children.
    That should be great motivation.
  10. I have no college education.
    Many highly successful people are also without one. But if your goal is to be a doctor, you will need one. Enroll and begin the journey. It’s simple but not easy. But, you are worth it.
  11. I have no support system.
    In some cases this may be true. But, not for you. You have me! And, I am pulling for you. This is no joke. My goal is to help as many people as possible to reach their potential. Email me. Also, a Buddhist teaching states, ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. This has been proven many times over to me and I have no doubt it will be to you also. Most importantly, you must pull for you.
  12. I’m in a dead-end job.
    See number 9.
  13. No time.
    Friend, if it means going with less sleep, do it. You have to make the time.
  14. I’m blonde.
    Dye your hair back to it’s original color.
  15. Too busy.
    Send me your schedule and be honest about it. Listen, thirty minutes a day can make a big difference. Also, on your way to and from work pop in a cd that will help you grow.
  16. I’m too fat, too skinny.
    If you’re looking to run the Boston Marathon it just may be that you are going to need to drop some poundage. But, if your goals are to lose weight and sing in public. Start with voice lessons…momentum stack. Reverse it if you’re underweight.
  17. I’m bankrupt.
    Perfect, now you know what not to do again. You should be ahead of the curve. Also, do a search on famous people who have filed bankruptcy…some big hitters.
  18. I’m a loser.
    Wait just a minute. I will not suffer those words. Now sit up straight in that chair! That’s better. Friend, the truth is at one time or another we all feel like there is an L stamped on our forehead. But, that isn’t the truth. All of us have special talents and abilities. Utilize them. Share them. The world is waiting. And, you are so worth it!

18 ½. I spend too much time reading your blog.
Good, now read again and again. Take action.

Begin your new life today!

What I Learned From The Seven Dwarfs

As a whole:

  1. We are all individuals.
  2. There is strength in numbers.
  3. A good word spoken in a timely manner can save/change a life.
  4. Folks in general love a winner and will help the winning to continue even if it is inconvenient.
  5. Guys are prone to do amazing things to impress a girl.
  6. If Disney gives you a good part in a cartoon, you’ll be famous.


  1. Dopey is the youngest, sweetest, and silliest of the seven. He is the only one that is bald and beardless. He wears a lime-green tunic and purple cap.
    Famous quote from Dopey: Well, in this case actions speak louder than words. Dopey doesn’t talk (or even try to according to his brother Happy). But, alas, he tries snatching a third and fourth kiss from Snow White on the way to work.
    The Dopey Lesson: You can be happy even if you’re bald. That is good news because I may be bald one day.
  2. Grumpy is the resident grouch and cantankerous one of the group. Though, even he is devoted to the beautiful Snow White (see #5); Grumpy wears a red tunic, long white hair and beard.
    Famous quote from Grumpy: When the dwarfs first find Snow White lying asleep across their beds, Grumpy gripes, “Angel, huh? She’s female, an’ all females is poison! They’re full o’ wicked wiles.” When Bashful asks, “What’re wicked wiles?” Grumpy admits, “I don’t know, but I’m agin ’em.”
    Grumpy Lesson: Wearing a red tunic seems to put some people in a permanently bad mood.
  3. Doc is the only one of the dwarfs to wear glasses and seems to be in charge. He wears an orange-brown tunic and has long white hair and a beard.
    Famous quote from Doc: After returning to the cottage to find it mysteriously tidied up, he nervously demands: “Search every cook an’ nanny, uh, hook an’ granny, uh, crooked fan — uh, search everywhere.”
    Doc lesson: If you’re trying to make a point and you fumble over your words; it’s okay. Make the point anyway and people will listen.
  4. Happy is the most rotund of the dwarfs. He wears a brownish two-tone tunic, yellow cap, and has long white hair and a beard.
    Famous quote from Happy: When the dwarfs think there’s a monster hidden under the blankets, Happy cheerily asks, “Which end do we kill?”
    Happy Lesson: Take problems on with enthusiasm.
  5. Bashful is, well, bashful. His bashful nature is portrayed through a classic pose of shyness (hands clasped behind back, shoulders slightly raised, eyes upturned). He wears a brown tunic and a gray hat. He has long white hair and a beard.
    Famous Bashful quote: While everyone’s suspicious upon finding Snow White asleep across their beds, Bashful’s the first one to see her for who she really is, observing, “She’s beautiful, like an angel.”
    Bashful Lesson: It’s important for us to find our voice.
  6. Sneezy is frequently shown with one finger below his nose, as if trying to stifle a sneeze. He wears a yellow-brown tunic and has long white hair and a beard.
    Famous Sneezy quote: After a particularly violent sneeze, which sends them tumbling in its wake, he protests,”I couldn’t help it … when you gotta go, you gotta … I-I-I, i-i-i-it’s comin’.”
    Sneezy Lesson 1: When you gotta go, you gotta go.
    Sneezy Lesson 2: Allergy medicine can be a real blessing.
  7. Sleepy wears a perpetually sleepy-looking, heavily-lidded expression on his face. He wears a brownish tunic, a green cap, and has long white hair and a beard.
    Famous Sleepy quote: Strangely goaded and prodded by the forest animals outside their mine, none of the dwarfs can figure out what’s going on until Sleepy yawns, “Maybe the old Queen’s got Snow White.”
    Sleepy Lesson: Sleeping does not help you escape from reality.

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2 Things That Failing Forward ISN’T

  1. Quitting – Most people are willing to give only so much. The amount is different for each person. But, they have a predetermined thresh hold of effort that is changed to fit the situation. In other words, they talk a tough show. But, when it comes down to it, they’ll quit at the first excuse they can find. They will buy a product and use it once, and convince themselves that it doesn’t work. They will exercise for 30 minutes and not see results, and quit. They live in denial. In essence they are deciding that their success in this area is not worth the effort.
  2. Not trying at all – This failure might be the saddest of all. At least the person that quits can summon a bit of comfort knowing they ‘gave it a go.’ This person will not even make an attempt. They also live in denial. They base future history on their past results. Common thoughts and words from this group are: ‘What’s the sense in trying? Don’t you remember what happened last time? I’m not losing my money. I’m going to die anyway.’

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5 Strategies For Not Quitting

  1. Sleep on it.
    How many times have you made a hasty decision based on fear, anger, comfort, etc?  If you’re like me, too many. Sleep on big decisions at least one day or longer. If you come to the same conclusion, then follow go for it and don’t look back.
  2. Seek the counsel of a trusted friend.
    There is someone who has been in this bind before. Find them. There is someone who can offer sound advice in your predicament. Ask them. Listen to what they have to say. Get a second opinion. Weigh the answers. Make a decision but do not base it upon the easiest route.
  3. Use the smartest, not easiest route.
    If we are looking only for the easiest route, we will find it. It won’t be hard. The internet and life in general is chock full of commercials for easy. Steer clear of this mentality. You won’t find too many that are doing well in their fields to tell you that it was easy. Path of least resistance? Yes. Easy? No.
  4. Educate yourself.
    This article, for instance, has cost you nothing but time. But, it may have a big impact on you. There is no shortage of information at your beckoning call. Use it. Having knowledge in a given endeavor is half the battle. Prevent quitting by education.
  5. Read, watch and listen to inspirational material.
    Find the people who have made it big in your field. Learn how they did it. Find those who had a similar background to yours. Apples to apples. Be inspired early and often.

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3 Great Ways to Fail

  1. Fail cheap – Education can be a pricey proposition, but it needn’t be. There is so much information at your fingertips in this day and age. Most of it can be had for free. The only cost involved is your time. In some cases it may be worth the financial investment to have all the tools in one place at the same time. Even in a case like this, it is wise to shop around and get reviews from other customers. It will be dependent on what industry you are looking into. You can learn a lot without spending a lot.
  2. Fail quick – You cannot hold a losing position forever. At some point, you need to cut your losses so that you are able to get back into the game. Most who are considered to be successful have failed many times in business. Great, get it out of the way. It’s better to fail early in life and get it out of the way, than to be  struggling  when you’re in your twilight years. You probably will need to fail a few times before getting it right. Remember a guy by the name of Thomas Edison?
  3. Fail often – The more you have failed the better educated you become. Don’t you now hold a huge advantage over the next guy? You know what NOT to do to make it work. But, if you’re going to sit on your couch and cower in fear at the chance of failing, you also can never have success. There is no shame in failing. None. This can’t be said about not trying, though. It could very well be the next thing you boldly take on that opens the floodgates for you. Then again, you could fail. You won’t know until you try.

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39 Questions About How You’re Spending Your Time

  1. In a year from now, will you be satisfied with how you spent it?
  2. How about in 5 years?
  3. Would you like to apologize to someone?
  4. What’s stopping you?
    When is the last time . . .
  5. You played catch or threw a frisbee?
  6. Smelled the leather from a baseball mitt?
  7. Got wet in the rain on purpose?
  8. Did something outside your comfort zone?
  9. Hit the beach? Hike? Climb? Ride a bike?
  10. Volunteer?
  11. Make a donation?
  12. Play a board game with friends or family?
  13. Read a good book?
  14. Wrote your poem, song, blog, book?
  15. Went to a play? A musical? An opera? Symphony?
  16. Went sledding, skiing, tubing, jetskiing?
  17. Planted a garden, vegetables, flowers?
  18. Planted a seed?
  19. Stopped, and smelled the roses?
  20. Helped a neighbor?
  21. Helped a stranger?
  22. Laughed?
  23. Made someone laugh?
  24. Tickled someone?
  25. Got tickled?
  26. Take lessons?
  27. Take on a new hobby?
  28. Learn something?
  29. Made a list of goals?
  30. Accomplished a goal?
  31. Exercised?
  32. Dieted?
  33. Cooked a meal for more than yourself or family?
  34. Invited friends over for dessert and games?
  35. Camped in the backyard?
  36. Danced around the house with your family and friends? Or, by yourself?
  37. Sang at the top of your lungs?
  38. Went on a date with your spouse?
  39. Have you said, “I love you” today?

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Here are 5 steps that will keep you from Waiting for Godot:

  1. Have more than one project in your basket. In my painful example, I waited three years on something that wasn’t going to impact lifestyle very much anyhow. Sometimes we aren’t sure which idea is going to be that life changer. It is better to have more than one. If one project is being delayed, you are still plugging away on something.
  2. Be your own partner whenever you can help it. Don’t pass the buck. Make it stop with you. No excuses. This may hurt a little when looking in the mirror. That’s okay. No one ever said it was going to be easy and painless. But, you deserve success, and it is patiently awaiting your arrival. Make it happen for you.
  3. Get it in writing. Contracts work (most of the time). You may have a friend whom you’ve known for thirty-seven years, so, what’s the point? The point is, is that a contract holds both of you responsible. Definitive times and dates, who does what and when (with repercussions). You may be the problem. In that case let your friend make it happen until you are ready to get it together.
  4. Seek mentors in your given field. One may suffice. But, if that one is unavailable, by all means find another. And another. Most successful people will tell you up front if they will or not. It may be as quick as a phone call or a lunch. Don’t wait for more than a couple of weeks on one person. There is way too much free info out there waiting to be learned.
  5. Be plucky. Make it happen. Make it happen today.

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8 Benefits of Laughter

  1. An excellent means of fighting stress. Laughter decreases stress hormones and we know that stress is linked to all sorts of health woes.
  2. Studies have shown the ability to use humor can raise the level of infection-fighting antibodies and boost levels of immune cells at the same time.
  3. Laughter is able to trigger the releasing of endorphins (your body’s natural feel-good neurotransmitters). Endorphins can temporarily relieve pain and promote an overall sense of well-being.
  4. Laughter can help protect against heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems by increasing (and maintaining) blood flow. The endothelium (inner lining of the walls of your arteries) plays a vital role in blood flow maintenance by regulating the diameter of the blood vessels. Endothelium damage is a factor in cardiovascular diseases. Stress seems to narrow the endothelium while laughing expands it. Laughing helps keep your artery walls fit, helping to maintain good blood flow.
  5. Laughter can be shared or done solo. Laughter is contagious and when shared can bind people, increasing happiness and intimacy (physical and emotional).
  6. Laughter has a way of lifting spirits and making burdens a bit lighter, helping us to forget tensions in our busy daily lives.
  7. It is a great way to workout! Now, it won’t replace the gym altogether, but, hearty laughter can burn calories equivalent to several minutes on a rowing machine or an exercise bike. Feel those burning abs!
  8. Laughing can improve your social life. People are eager to share a joke or humorous story with someone they know will laugh. We are drawn to funny folks and those that enjoy a good laugh. Who wants to talk to a grumpy and have their day impaired? Maybe you could share one with a grumpy and improve their day instead.

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6 Ways That Can Ensure You Have the Proper Outlook

  1. Never! Never! And I mean never, speak in a derisive manner about yourself (especially in front of others). What I’m saying is, do not use words such as stupid, moron, fat, skinny, etc. as a description for yourself. These are labels, not who you are. No one would call Einstein an idiot. Do you think that he never grabbed a hot pan, got an F on a math paper, attempted to mail a letter without a stamp? But, none of this stopped his work or what he was trying to accomplish. Because, although he may have had done some silly things, that wasn’t who he was. It may never have even dawned on him to value himself any less because of these things. Nor should you my friend. In our own way we are all Einsteins. Each of us has a fantastic capacity of success waiting to be released…like Einstein. Never speak in a derisive manner about yourself! Ever!
  2. Accept compliments with a smile. If someone tells you how nice you look today, say, “Thank you,” and smile. Never reply negatively by saying, “Must not have your glasses on today.” It’s okay for someone to admire or appreciate you in some way. After all, you’re worth it! You appreciate and admire others, so it is only fair that you allow yourself the same grace. Accept compliments with a smile.
  3. Grow. Make a decision today AND tomorrow and so on and so on that will bring you closer to the fulfilling things in life you want. Actions speak louder than words. Shut the boob tube off. You are worth the effort and so are your goals. Grow today. Grow tomorrow. Grow, my friend.
  4. Dwell on your positives. If I dwelt on every failing I’ve had (and have), not only would I not be writing this, I would not be fun to be around. I’d punish myself. I’d stay in bed all day. In short, I’d be depressed. What do you think will take you to the next level? Thinking in a positive way about yourself will help and speed up the process. Learn from mistakes, don’t ignore or deny them, but, remember to cut yourself some slack. Remember and bring to mind successes you have had. Short and long-term successes. You’ve succeeded much more than even you realize. You are the only you, you have. Dwell on your positives!
  5. Receive constructive and beneficial criticism, but don’t give any credence to negative or just plain mean people. Life can be tough at times but can be made more difficult by these sort of so-called friends and acquaintances. Some people are terribly unhappy in their lives and expect the same from and for you. Receive help, but ignore negativity. This is your life. Don’t allow others to rain on your life’s parade. Don’t give any credence to negativity. Receive criticism that will benefit you.
  6. Try momentum stacking. Maybe that extra weight is not coming off the way you would like. Instead of becoming depressed about it and getting down on yourself, shoot for smaller victories to build confidence. Push away that late night snack. Get a hair cut or have your teeth whitened (or better yet, both!). Don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you to ignore the problem. But, it may not happen overnight, maybe it will. In the mean time we must stay in the game and keep fighting. When the compliments start coming in, it just may push you over the hump. These mini turning points can make all the difference. Momentum stack.

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3 Excuses for Wasting Time

  1. Texting – People in the U.S. are sending over 4 billion texts a day. For the sake of my point, I am going to assume you are one of them. We will estimate that you send roughly 10 a day and receive the same back. We will say you are an expert texter and it only takes you 20 seconds to write each one and read each one. That’s 4 minutes.  It takes you 3 seconds each time to get the phone. That’s 1 minute. It takes another 30 seconds or so to focus back on what you were doing prior to the text and after the text. That’s 12 minutes.
    Side note for the sake of sanity here: This isn’t taking into account if you were recklessly driving while texting. It only takes once for it to be too many. Get real. It isn’t that important. Do a search on the internet and you will learn how many people have been killed because of texting while driving. If you needed a wake-up call. Let this be it. End of side note.
    Back to the time element. So far, we’ve covered 17 minutes of your day. This does not account for the time spent dreaming the day away in consideration of an incoming text or the one you will send. Is it safe to say this would have to account for another 5 minutes of your day? That’s 23 minutes. Taken at the low end here, we are looking at a 23 minute block of your day. For many of you, that is a really low end. What do you suppose could be accomplished with 20 of those minutes? For instance, if you were to text for only 3 minutes a day, and you were to use the remaining time for building a better you. Could 20 minutes of reading help? Writing? Exercise?
  2. Surfing The Web – Many of us treat time as if more is being made. We behave as if it is an unlimited commodity. We give into the notion that our destiny has been shaped so we may as well accept it. We go through ‘the motions’.
    One way we do this is by aimlessly surfing the internet. We may start off with good intentions. But, we get sidetracked a little here, and then a little there, and soon enough our mission becomes skewed and we succumb to aimlessness. We have all done this and it leaves a terrible feeling inside.
    Does this sound familiar? ‘Sweet, I have an extra thirty minutes. This is the perfect time for me to research the best methods to target traffic’. Then, the problems begin. While surfing for the best methods to target traffic, a very interesting search appears. As it turns out, there is a small town in Ohio that uses speed traps as their main source of income. This really is targeting traffic. This just isn’t right. I wonder what other towns around this Country use speed traps to pay the bills? So, you search again: speed traps that pay bills. Hmm. What you now find at the bottom of the first page is very interesting. ‘Pay all your bills in seven days using this secret method’. That sounds great. This is just what I need.
    Okay, enough. Snap out of it. This brings back too many painful memories.
    Friends, the good news is that there are three rules to follow that will get you where you want to go.
  3. Checking Emails – So, you like to check your emails, huh? Once, I didn’t check my email inbox for 2 days. Can you believe that I actually missed a chance at getting a million dollars? You see, there was this guy from another country who had gotten an inheritance from a relative, and all he needed was for me to give him all my information and he would send the money right to my bank account. What a terrible break for me that I hadn’t checked my email a day sooner. I could have been living large.
    Okay, most of you understand that the above is my attempt at a little humor. But the time wasted on email is no laughing matter.
    It may start with the idea of checking business-related mail. Then, you figure, ‘What can it hurt to read a forward or two’? Forty minutes later you are wondering where the time went and realize you haven’t even looked at the business-related email at all. Too late now though, you have an appointment. You are frustrated with yourself. Of course this isn’t the kind of attitude you want to bring into an appointment. You want it to different but don’t really have a strategy. Now you do.

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3 Rules For I Had a Bad Day

  1. Exercise – Bad days happen to everyone. I am no exception. Barring injury, or health woes to my family (or I), a bad day for me may be a bit different than yours. But, in the end, they don’t feel very different at all. In fact, it is one of the things that link humanity together. We are able to empathize with one another mainly because we, or someone close to us, have experienced the same thing or something similar. There is a quote floating around out there that a buddy of mine uses. I’m not sure who said it but here it is, ‘When it happens to someone else, it’s a dilemma. When it happens to you, it’s a crisis’. Doesn’t that about sum it up? We look at things from a very narrow perspective when we are dealing with them. At times, we magnify our situation making it appear worse than it really is. Focusing on the cause of the bad day can really make the day continue on in that manner.
    Here is a tool you can implement that will not only take your mind off of your day but may greatly improve the rest of your day.
  2. Laughter – Some days are better than others. Some days we would love to start over from the beginning and take a different way to work. We would avoid Mr. Negativity at the office at all costs. Or, maybe we would just better prepare for him. We would like to keep our head above the nonsense. But, some days we just can’t. The route we take to work is under construction (again). Mr. Negativity shares an elevator with you and lets you know how stupid the whole world is (after all, he is the only smart one). And this, in turn, sets your day to plummeting. Down, down, down. Well, when a day like this is on you. Shake it off! Wouldn’t it be nice if just by shaking a bit your whole disposition could change? Actually, it can. If you are shaking with laughter.
    Laughter is one of the most underrated stress relievers known. You don’t often hear someone say, “You poor thing. What you need is a good laugh”. But, it can be done for free. It can be done almost anywhere. Well, I guess it can be done anywhere, but you could get arrested (Smile. Doesn’t that feel good?).
  3. Grow – There is little that can fulfill us the way accomplishing something can. When everything seems to be stacked against us all day long, we must fight back. We must grab a firm hold of those reins and not loosen up on them until the horse is in the stable. We fortunately have the choice to turn it around. We have the choice to make it better ourselves without counting on anyone else.
    So, how can a frown be turned upside down? How can a day that started bad and got worse possibly get better?
    Here’s how: Knowing that even when things are going down hill that you are still focused on growing, is inspiration by itself. There isn’t time to painfully go over the woes of the day when you are busying yourself with growth. You are going to choose to grow in some way. You are going to learn something. You are going to push your body through an intense workout. You are going to sit at the piano and work on a song. You are going to read something that will benefit you long term. If you watch TV at all, it will be something educational.

Read entire article: Exercise, Laughter, Grow

10 Ways to Go On Vacation After a Bad Day

Relaxing Vacations:

  1. Turn on music that soothes you, turn down the lights and climb into a nice hot bath.
  2. Sit down at a nice restaurant and enjoy a meal (invite a friend).
  3. Pick up some dark chocolate, and curl up on a comfy chair and read that book that you have been wanting to finish.
  4. Get a massage. There are plenty of places that offer walk-in services.
  5. Watch a movie that will make you laugh uncontrollably.

Personal Growth Vacation:

  1. Exercise. Hit the gym and be amazed how fast that bad day dissipates.
  2. Read a book that will challenge, inspire and educate you.
  3. Enjoy your hobby. Do it well. (Not TV watching!)
  4. Brainstorm with some friends.
  5. Enroll in a class that you can look forward to at least a couple times a week.

Read entire article.

Wow, what a list. First, I would like to thank lists for having been invented in the first place. I would also like to thank my eighth grade nun for finally taking me off of her list (post graduation). I’d like to thank all of you for putting Today Has Power on your list 🙂

Here’s a list to show Rob your appreciation!

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    He’s so worth it.

Stay tuned for my next list titled: “This Will Be The Last List I Ever Do”

Live it LOUD!


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