Time Wasters Club Excuse #2: Surfing The Web

Many of us treat time as if more is being made. We behave as if it is an unlimited commodity. We give into the notion that our destiny has been shaped so we may as well accept it. We go through ‘the motions’.

One way we do this is by aimlessly surfing the internet. We may start off with good intentions. But, we get sidetracked a little here, and then a little there, and soon enough our mission becomes skewed and we succumb to aimlessness. We have all done this and it leaves a terrible feeling inside.

Does this sound familiar? ‘Sweet, I have an extra thirty minutes. This is the perfect time for me to research the best methods to target traffic’.

Then, the problems begin.

While surfing for the best methods to target traffic, a very interesting search appears. As it turns out, there is a small town in Ohio that uses speed traps as their main source of income. This really is targeting traffic. This just isn’t right. I wonder what other towns around this Country use speed traps to pay the bills? So, you search again: speed traps that pay bills. Hmm. What you now find at the bottom of the first page is very interesting. ‘Pay all your bills in seven days using this secret method’. That sounds great. This is just what I need.

Okay, enough. Snap out of it. This brings back too many painful memories.
Friends, the good news is that there are three rules to follow that will get you where you want to go.

Follow these three and make the most out of your time:

  1. Know specifically what it is you are researching. You do not want any vagueness. The more specific it is, the harder it is to stray.
  2. Write out the specifics of your mission in a notebook that is kept next to your computer. Take notes. This will help to keep you focused. The notebook will be an accountability partner.
  3. The last one is simply, ‘want to’. If you are doing research on a business you want to build, decide how badly you really ‘want to’. It is much harder to go astray when one is fully committed to a set goal.

Live it LOUD!

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