Time Wasters Club: Excuse #1 Texting

The first time waster we will address in this series of articles is texting. It may be tough to read through this whole article at one time. The reason? You just might get a text.
We understand that it can be difficult to focus our full attention on one thing. Yet, we are afraid that we might fall out of the loop if we fail to respond. We look at this as part of life. A necessity. Not a burden. Not a time waster.

Okay, then, let’s break this down using some time scales and see where we’re at. These are general estimates. I believe I have low balled in most cases.

Texting – People in the U.S. are sending over 4 billion texts a day. For the sake of my point, I am going to assume you are one of them. We will estimate that you send roughly 10 a day and receive the same back. We will say you are an expert texter and it only takes you 20 seconds to write each one and read each one. That’s 4 minutes.  It takes you 3 seconds each time to get the phone. That’s 1 minute. It takes another 30 seconds or so to focus back on what you were doing prior to the text and after the text. That’s 12 minutes.

Side note for the sake of sanity here: This isn’t taking into account if you were recklessly driving while texting. It only takes once for it to be too many. Get real. It isn’t that important. Do a search on the internet and you will learn how many people have been killed because of texting while driving. If you needed a wake-up call. Let this be it.
End of side note.

Back to the time element. So far, we’ve covered 17 minutes of your day. This does not account for the time spent dreaming the day away in consideration of an incoming text or the one you will send. Is it safe to say this would have to account for another 5 minutes of your day? That’s 23 minutes.

Taken at the low end here, we are looking at a 23 minute block of your day. For many of you, that is a really low end.

What do you suppose could be accomplished with 20 of those minutes? For instance, if you were to text for only 3 minutes a day, and you were to use the remaining time for building a better you.

Could 20 minutes of reading help? Writing? Exercise?

You are serious about a better you. Isn’t that why you read this?

Live it LOUD!

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