Time Is Short Spend Wisely

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero –
“Seize the Day, putting as little trust as possible in the future”
                                                                                             – Horace

Time is ShortWhat are you focusing on today? Is it something that will last?

Building a 2-story tree house with my wife and our 4 and 11 year olds will last and last. Possibly after the house and tree are gone, the memory will travel in our minds still. Watching the look of determination in my sons’ eyes as he hammered the nails I had started for him. My daughters excitement in inviting her friends over for her 12th birthday (they slept in the tree house!). My wife measuring twice so that I would only have to cut once, lol. Grandpa even caught the bug and drove nearly two hours one way to offer some much needed help finishing the job (thanks, Grandpa). At the time I was working 50+ hours a week driving a truck. I was tired. But, I looked forward to coming home so I could do more work! I can never get the time back spent on that project. But, how would I have spent it otherwise? Reruns? Sleep? Possibly.

This may read like a forwarded email. But it’s not. This is your life. This is your time. Make the most of it.

  • In a year from now, will you be satisfied with how you spent it?
  • How about in 5 years?
  • Would you like to apologize to someone? What’s stopping you?
  • When is the last time . . .
  • You played catch or threw a frisbee?
  • Smelled the leather from a baseball mitt?
  • Got wet in the rain on purpose?
  • Did something outside your comfort zone?
  • Hit the beach? Hike? Climb? Ride a bike?
  • Volunteer? Make a donation?
  • Play a board game with friends or family?
  • Read a good book?
  • Wrote your poem, song, blog, book?
  • Went to a play? A musical? An opera? Symphony?
  • Went sledding, skiing, tubing, jetskiing?
  • Planted a garden, vegetables, flowers?
  • Planted a seed?
  • Stopped, and smelled the roses?
  • Helped a neighbor? Helped a stranger?
  • Laughed? Made someone laugh? Tickled someone? Got tickled?
  • Take lessons? Take on a new hobby? Learn something?
  • Made a list of goals? Accomplished a goal? Exercised? Dieted?
  • Cooked a meal for more than yourself or family?
  • Invited friends over for dessert and games?
  • Camped in the backyard?
  • Danced around the house with your family and friends? Or, by yourself?
  • Sang at the top of your lungs?
  • Went on a date with your spouse?
  • Have you said, ” I love you” today?

Live it and Live it LOUD!

Remember, you are the only you, you have!

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