The Joy Of Desire

Enjoy this guest post by Stuart Mills, fellow blogger extraordinaire.

When you think of successful people in the world – those who have achieved their millions, or have made great strides in technology and science, or who have simply helped their local community out, you think of the one thing that enabled them to push forward and achieve these results.

That one thing is desire.

These people had a desire to achieve, a desire to do well, a desire to reach their goal no matter what obstacles they had to face. This desire propelled them forward, allowing them to do great amounts of work which would make another person shy away from these immense tasks.

These great amounts of work were done through desire, because desire made it seem like it wasn’t work at all. That’s the great factor in desire – those who had desire to reach their aims, did whatever they felt passionate about. Though sometimes it would have seemed hard, other times it would have been fun, and a great joy would have been with those people who followed their hearts and took action, enabling them to realise their passions.

…enabling them to realise their passions.

It is that desire that provides joy to us. With a desire to do something, the joy of fulfilling that task comes with it, and there will be times when the work doesn’t feel like work at all. This is where we are meant to go, the work we are meant to do. What we are passionate about, and which we desire to achieve no matter what the outcome, that is where our true joy lies.

This is the truth about desire – we desire to achieve no matter what the outcome. We choose to do the work because we are passionate about the work itself, regardless of whether we are passionate about the result as well. Even if we fail, we have still enjoyed working from our heart’s desires, and seeing our passions realised through the work we’ve done. This is the joy of desire, to do that which makes your soul come alive, no matter what the result may be.

…to do that which makes your soul come alive

If you have found your joy, if you have found your desire, I applaud you. You have found that which will make your heart sing.

Stuart is a personal development blogger who wants to help you improve at life. He thinks you’re awesome.

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13 Responses to The Joy Of Desire

  1. Stuart says:

    Thanks for featuring me today Rob, it was my pleasure to write for you! 🙂

  2. Hey Stuart and Rob,
    Joy is such an awesome feeling and to me it makes life worth living for. It’s never the material things that makes us happy it’s the feelings attached to it.

    We live for spirit.

    • Stuart says:

      Hey Justin, I agree – it’s what’s inside us that makes it special, rather than the external objects.

      Take care 🙂

      • Rob says:

        Hey Justin,

        Spot on re: It’s never the material things that makes us happy…

        Very few folks regret not ‘having more material things’ on their death bed.
        Thanks for stopping Brother.

        Live it LOUD!

  3. Hi Stu, Hi Rob!
    What a cool idea to guest post on one another’s blogs with the same topic!
    “you have found your joy, if you have found your desire,” A year ago I couldn’t have related to it, well maybe 1.5 years ago! But now I know exactly what you mean! So inspiring! Thanks!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Lori,

      Great to have you here. The joy you spread is legendary!
      Stu is one of my fav bloggers so it was a pleasure to work with him.
      His books will be best-selling for years to come.

      Live it LOUD!

    • Stuart says:

      Thanks Lori!

      The credit must go to Rob, he came up with the idea. I just churned out this little number and hoped for the best 😉

  4. Galen Pearl says:

    “…then it doesn’t feel like work.” So true. I can spend hours engrossed in something I’m passionate about, and it is so energizing. Your post reminds me to pay more attention to whether what I’m doing is feeding my spirit or draining it. Thank you.

    • Stuart says:

      Thanks for the great comment Galen, and you’re right about the effects on spirit.

      By doing that which feeds your spirit, you gain the energy and clarity of mind to push on further. It becomes a win-win situation 🙂

  5. Bill Dorman says:

    Hey Stu, so this is what a cross-guest post looks like, huh?

    Desire is powerful but it doesn’t always have to be knock me over, burning w/ passion type of desire. It can also be the small things that bring tremendous satisfaction which motivates you to achieve small but powerful results.

    Thanks for sharing this and good to see you at Rob’s.

  6. Ramzi says:

    Frightening indeed! Yet those who dare to clhealnge the status quo, who push into new world’s of thinking and business strategy are often the most criticized and brutalized for daring to be different.Oh and by the way, the ramifications go far beyond what we can even imagine just reading this clip and thinking about how that applies to our daily business and personal lives. There are really eternal things at stake here. Not to sound apocalyptic, but the Bible speaks to much of this from Genesis to Revelations.

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