Surviving, Striving, and Arriving

Much in life can be done one pedal stroke at a time.
It doesn’t matter if it is a hill or mountain.

One pedal stroke at a time.

On January 7th, 2013 my family (wife Gail, 15 year old daughter Dakota, 8 year old son Luke) and I (Rob) dipped our bike tires in the Pacific Ocean on Coronado Island in San Diego. Our journey lasted nearly 3 months and covered over 2,500 miles.

There were many parallels to life that didn’t get lost on this writer.

No matter how big the task you are undertaking, it begins with action. It begins with a pedal stroke. Wishing and hoping things were easier have no affect on reality. The headwind doesn’t stop, the hills don’t flatten, the clouds don’t disappear.

I’m not plugging my eBook here, but the points are illustrated quite well in it. This is what you need to know, though, and this information is free because I want you to use it. Take what I tell you and go climb your mountain, build your business, live the life that you want. Take no prisoners.


You will become frustrated and want to quit. Don’t.

You will ‘feel’ that your cause is hopeless. It isn’t.

It will rain on you. Some nights you will be cold. That is the price of admission. Pay it, whatever the cost.

In spite of how you feel, keep pedaling. Yes, your legs will hurt. Pain will be involved. Accept it, and keep pedaling.

There will be many reasons you give yourself to quit. They are lies, excuses. They are death to dreams. Ignore them and keep pedaling.

The view on top is worth the climb.

My daughter is only 15 and pulled a loaded trailer across the country. Yes, she is special. So are you.

She slayed the giant one pedal stroke at a time. Making it up steep grades for her and the rest of us came by continuous effort. One stroke after another.

You will get flat tires. You will be uncomfortable. You will be discouraged by others. You will be doubted by yourself and others.

You will make it though. Because, you will do it one pedal stroke at a time. You will surprise yourself by the time it is over. The pedaling doesn’t become easier, but you’ve programmed yourself to do it.


Get out there and take down a giant.

Live it LOUD!

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22 Responses to Surviving, Striving, and Arriving

  1. saaria says:

    Wonderful tour, that too with family and on the bike. You have completed a full journey of thousands of miles. The pics given and the description are given in a very very real way..
    i liked it…

    • Rob says:

      Hard to believe, isn’t it?

      How effective it is to just keep pedaling through good times and bad. Eventually, you end up where you set out for.

      Live it LOUD!

  2. It’s sounding like you are all getting what you dreamed of from this experience, Rob! Those are perfect analogies for life and reading this is a remind of how I need to challenge myself more so that these lessons truly sink in. Take good care on the roads!! You guys are so inspiring! =)
    Samantha Bangayan recently posted..Huancayo Rastas, Peru: Good Vibes and Bad VibesMy Profile

    • Rob says:

      Hey Sam,

      Rubbing elbows with inspiring folks, is, well…inspiring. You are one of those. We met a great deal of awesome folks along the way. Who knew there were so many?

      We are talking about possibly coming your way (Peru) as the adventure bug has gotten a hold of us. If you and your hubby are about, we will be buying dinner.

      I will stop in and say hi over at your awesome sight soon…sorry, been a while.

  3. Joe Hart says:

    Motivational post.
    We can make pedal at a time…

  4. sanchit says:

    Hi Sanchit here,
    Its a great journey.
    And with the family members on bike really an adventurer filled task.
    I hope you all enjoy it very well and really nice pics.
    sanchit recently posted..Travel Management SystemMy Profile

  5. Swan says:

    Hi Rob, your journey with your family is very inspiring to me. I believe this journey brings you guys closer one to another.
    PS: The sunset pictures are awesome!

  6. bhavesh says:

    it really a great article your journey is really inspiring,thanks for sharing.

  7. Dayle Stokes says:

    What an inspiring message. My wife wanted me to ask you if you guys homeschool your children? She doesn’t see a lot of people taking off on adventures like this and would love to be able to take one herself but with school it is almost impossible.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Dayle,

      We are a homeschooling family. There are many benefits with few drawbacks. It is a lifestyle though. My wife and I willingly sacrifice to do what we do. The adventures are just one of the perks.

      Live it LOUD!

  8. it really a great article your journey is really inspiring,thanks for sharing.

  9. Lancia says:

    It seems like you had a great experience out there with your family. I must say you got a pretty rocking and chilled out family. Traveling in bike is something I really like and I can sense it how much fun you must have had. Yeah, nice capture of sunrise and sunset! Glad to read your post. Thanks for sharing it!

  10. Jessica says:

    Its a great journey.
    And with the family members on bike really an adventurer filled task.

  11. Very interesting journey with family members! You have completed the journey of thousands of miles on bike just in 3 months, the shared pictures are beautiful.

  12. Sneha says:

    Great Anecdote you and your family members very adventurous task you all done and thank you to share some nice picture pieces looking very happy your journey defiantly it’s very rocking journey with your family.
    Sneha recently posted..Blog to Build Authority and Earn LaterMy Profile

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