Five Strategies For Not Quitting

Everyone goes one of two ways. They either quit, or stay the course. Use the five tools in this article if you want to stay the course.

The pain of quitting can stay with you for a lifetime. The decision to quit can leave such a bad taste in your mouth that it impacts each and every decision forward. Rough, but true.
We can make a decision in five seconds that sticks to our core.

Please, before you quit on something consider these five strategies first.

  • Sleep on it.
    How many times have you made a hasty decision based on fear, anger, comfort, etc?  If you’re like me, too many. Sleep on big decisions at least one day or longer. If you come to the same conclusion, then follow go for it and don’t look back.
  • Seek the counsel of a trusted friend.
    There is someone who has been in this bind before. Find them. There is someone who can offer sound advice in your predicament. Ask them. Listen to what they have to say. Get a second opinion. Weigh the answers. Make a decision but do not base it upon the easiest route.
  • Use the smartest, not easiest route. If we are looking only for the easiest route, we will find it. It won’t be hard. The internet and life in general is chock full of commercials for easy. Steer clear of this mentality. You won’t find too many that are doing well in their fields to tell you that it was easy. Path of least resistance? Yes. Easy? No.
  • Educate yourself. This article, for instance, has cost you nothing but time. But, it may have a big impact on you. There is no shortage of information at your beckoning call. Use it. Having knowledge in a given endeavor is half the battle. Prevent quitting by education.
  • Read, watch and listen to inspirational material. Find the people who have made it big in your field. Learn how they did it. Find those who had a similar background to yours. Apples to apples. Be inspired early and often.

To wrap these ideas up in a concise way,
I’ve numbered and shortened them for you:

  1. Sleep on decisions. Don’t be too hasty.
  2. Seek counsel in determining the right path.
  3. Look for the smart way, not the easy way.
  4. Educate yourself.
  5. Look for inspiration and be inspired.

Live it LOUD!

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2 Responses to Five Strategies For Not Quitting

  1. Hi Rob, the take home for me was SLEEP ON IT. I’m trying to apply this to all areas where I am unsure of my decision, possibly acting in fear or doubt, or just generally unsure. To be fair, I seam to make my worst decisions when I’m in a hurry or just plain exhausted. Nice list

    • Rob says:

      Hey Stacey,

      Looks like the smile is coming back a bit. Hope that little thing is getting better my friend. Sleeping on something can help big time. There are a few things I probably should have done that with!
      By the way, you are one the best writers I read. I haven’t left a comment but was just over the other day. I put you on Paul Wolfes level…and that’s a serious, best-selling level. Way to attack. See you soon, and thanks for stopping.

      Live it LOUD!

      P.S. An autographed copy when your best-seller gets printed…please.

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