Seth Godin, Amazon and Me

Amazon had a little contest going on.

I decided to enter.

I knew there would be a lot of entries. Not sure how many there were. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. It took less than 10 minutes total out of my life (this post a bit longer :)).

Poke The Box by Seth GodinI had to come up with a 140 character (or less)  summary on “taking the initiative” (Poke The Box). I entered because I believed I might actually win. I entered because I knew that I wouldn’t if I didn’t make an attempt. I was one of seven 2nd Place Winners. There were five 1st Place Winners.

A for what it’s worth, Sidenote: About a year ago I decided (again) that I would hit 10 free throws in a row. It seemed that the 10th one (or 9th, 8th, etc.) eluded me. Why was it so important to me? I don’t know. Perhaps it was because I had never done it before but had tried many times. Well, on this day, I decided enough was enough. I won’t dramatize it. It took me about an hour and a half to hit ten in a row. I stopped after hitting twenty-two in a row. I could have hit more, but quit. The door had been opened to me. I could enter it whenever I wanted. I didn’t need to go on. As it turns out, deciding enough is enough, just may be enough.

Back to the main post 🙂 Seth Godin, Amazon and Me

The reason I made a post about this isn’t to brag. I want you to believe.

I want you to try.

I want you to try even if you don’t believe.

And try.

And try.

I understand many things in life are more difficult than writing a summary or hitting 10 darned free throws in a row.

But, that isn’t really holding you back is it?

By the way, this is the summary I wrote (it belongs to Amazon now :)).

“We got rid of the shovel and pick axe.
We are now using dynamite.
The granite won’t hold much longer.
Realized dreams, just ahead.”


You’re worth a try. In fact, you’re worth endless tries.

Remember, you are the only you, you have.

Live it not in some small way.

Live it not chocked full of regrets.

But, Live it LOUD!


P.S. What was my prize? A copy of Poke The Box, autographed by Seth Godin himself.

Poke The Box by Seth Godin

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10 Responses to Seth Godin, Amazon and Me

  1. Dean Carlton says:

    Hey, nice one, Rob, I like your style!

    Conversations are taking place everywhere – this competition was just another conversation.

    You joined in that conversation with a belief and passion – which then showed in the result you obtained.

    I would add to this, the wise words of Yoda: “Do, or Do Not – There is no TRY”. You, my friend DID – the force is with you!

    Live it LOUD!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Dino,

      That was my point in even writing about this…Do or Do Not…or as Nike would say, Just Do it!

      That’s it. Just do it. Winning, losing matter not. Just get in the game.

      Thanks Dino.

      And, you too.

  2. I love it!! Congrats (on all of the above, especially taking the opportunity).

  3. You won’t know until you try, right?!

    Kudos and congrats, Rob, and your prize is priceless!

    Thank you for lighting a little fire, providing inspiration and incentive, and for having the courage to …
    Poke the box. 😉


    • Rob says:

      Hey Melanie,

      Thanks so much. I weighed coming across as ‘look at me’ (not the intention at all). Actually, I’m a plugger. I guarantee there are many out there with much more talent. But, I have a bit of persistence in my toes. I encourage all, the natural talents and the pluggers, to get out there and POKE the BOX LOUDLY!


  4. Mika Castro says:

    Rob, As your reader, I just want to say congratulations and more power on your next success!

  5. Mika Castro says:

    Actually, I am working as a SEO on VA PILIPINAS. And as a newbie i am working so hard to launch an EBOOK that it will be out soon.

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