Rule 3 For I Had A Bad Day


There is little that can fulfill us the way accomplishing something can. When everything seems to be stacked against us all day long, we must fight back. We must grab a firm hold of those reins and not loosen up on them until the horse is in the stable. We fortunately have the choice to turn it around. We have the choice to make it better ourselves without counting on anyone else.

So, how can a frown be turned upside down? How can a day that started bad and got worse possibly get better?

Here’s How:

Knowing that even when things are going down hill that you are still focused on growing, is inspiration by itself. There isn’t time to painfully go over the woes of the day when you are busying yourself with growth.

You are going to choose to grow in some way. You are going to learn something. You are going to push your body through an intense workout. You are going to sit at the piano and work on a song. You are going to read something that will benefit you long term. If you watch TV at all, it will be something educational.

Try These:

  1. Go to the library or bookstore and read. Pick a topic that will grow you in some positive way. If you are trying to lose weight. Read about foods that will help you in that endeavor.
  2. Be creative. Paint, write, sing. You don’t have to do any of them well. Enjoy what you learn by doing them. The growth is in the experimentation. Go for it.
  3. Commit to an exercise regiment. Yoga, cardio, weight training. Ride your bike and say hi to everyone. Let this be your first day of many.
  4. Work on that extra stream of income you want. Focus. Lay the groundwork. Do your research. Write the plan out.

These are just a few ways to grow. You probably know plenty of ways not to. You probably realize that sitting in front of the TV watching sitcoms is a very short lived happy. We are looking for sustainability. We want this to be something that can grow into something great and wonderful. I want this vacation to invigorate you again and again. It’s hard to have bad days when you’re on vacation everyday.

Live it LOUD!

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