Nothing Has Been Decided

Nothing Has Been DecidedKnow a guy who was riding the real estate market high.

Real high.

In fact, his high went into the millions.

Same guy 3 years later rode the market low.

Real low.

In fact, his low turned into driving alleys picking up scrap. His name is Ramon.

True story.

Lost everything. Well, maybe not quite everything…

The economy has been a rough ride for most of us over the last few years. But, if it wasn’t the economy, something else would have appeared for us. That may sound a bit negative at first take.

It isn’t.

Just a small dose of reality.

Sometimes life attacks. Sometimes hard, sometimes a bit more subtle. But, understand, it does attack.

Let’s get back to Ramon. He hasn’t lost as much as most might think. On the outside he lost millions of dollars, a certain standard of living, prime cuts, etc.

On the inside he has lost nothing. He’s the same ball of energy now picking up scrap metal, as he was when taking part in a profitable real estate transaction.

Just the stuff.

That’s probably why the recession hasn’t claimed his family, just the stuff.

I think it has been instilled in his family the same way as it is in him.

Nothing has been decided.

That’s a good outlook. I highly recommend it. It can pull you through those dark times that life unleashes on you.

Grab a firm hold on the ropes and pull yourself up.

Fight back. After all…

Nothing has been decided.


Live it LOUD!

You, unequivocally, are the only you, you will ever have.

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9 Responses to Nothing Has Been Decided

  1. Penelope J says:

    Rob, glad to see you’re back blogging. Love your inspiring, motivating posts. One in particular, False Peaks, not only stayed with me but I’ve used it as an example to others not to give up before reaching their goal. As you say here, what Ramon lost was “stuff.” He didn’t lose himself and his will to get up and going again. This happened to me – not once but several times. I’m making a new start right now at an age when most people are retiring and believe me, it’s giving me self-confidence, pride, and the knowledge that I’ll make it again.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I’ve missed you, Rob! =) Great to see you posting again. My absolute favorite line in this post is “he’s the same ball of energy.” That’s how I want to continue to be, no matter what. I’ve been thinking a lot about the future these days and how my future is a bit more unpredictable than others who have steady office jobs for example. But that’s okay, as long as I continue being a ball of energy. Love that. =)
    Samantha Bangayan recently posted..Making the Best of a Bad SituationMy Profile

    • Rob says:


      You are a BALL of ENERGY on an atomic level.
      You have all the tools necessary. You can’t get that at school!

      My friend Ramon decides what his story looks like daily and edits where necessary. Not a bad idea for any of us.

      Thanks for being you.

      Congrats and Live it LOUD!


  3. Derek says:

    Welcome back Rob,
    Being a winner is a mindset. You lose an empire today, you rebuild an empire tomorrow. Not a big deal. The trick is not to lose your mindset.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks Brother,
      Actually, I never left, but I guess I wasn’t altogether present either. 😉
      Love the idea about the mindset, isn’t that what everything is about anyhow?

      Keep Living it LOUD!

  4. Hello Rob,
    Welcome back! If we want be a winner then first of all we have to send our mind, decide our goals and objectives. Then move towards to achieve them.

  5. Jessica says:

    It was so hard to decide on how/what/when/where/why. You must be able to think twice or more to fixed it up.

  6. sang wanita says:

    you are very inspiring
    struggle is not in vain
    keep spirit

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