Long Term Dwelling

The conditions of conquest are always easy.
We have but to toil awhile, endure awhile,
believe always, and never turn back.
– Seneca the Elder

Long Term DwellingLet me begin by stating that I believe in you. I know you were not a mistake destined to a sub par existence. There is so much in store for you that you cannot fathom the depths. You will be able to fathom them as you begin taking action.

Dwelling on something long term usually leads to dwelling somewhere long term. My hope for you is long term dwelling in much happier places. We do not want to be stuck in the deceitful mire of hopelessness and complacency. At the core of this issue is our willingness to take action now. The good news is that you already are by reading this! Way to go champ. The next three months will pass away whether we are glued to the latest mini-series, sporting event or some other wasteful time spending habit. Let’s make our actions over the next three months effect a change in our lives that can’t be stopped. This will take daily effort. More good news: our lives will not be defined by how we’ve spent them up until this point. We will not be defined by our mistakes, by our failures, by our setbacks. We will be defined by the actions we are now taking to better our (own, family, and loved ones) situation in the present and future. This will take hard work and dedication of which I know you are ready to undertake. You will not use excuses. You will take action. You will not make excuses. You will make it happen. You will not and cannot be persuaded against your success. You will even help others to succeed! You no longer rely on excuses as a way of life. Age, gender, social status, financial position (or lack thereof) will not be entered into the equation. Bad childhood, bad marriage, a dog that poops in the house, also will not be given due consideration unless it is used as a means to build success, rather than dwell in excuses land (which you no longer live in). In short, you are going to take action. It may be the slightest of actions : putting that cookie in the can instead of the pie-hole, shutting the tube off and reading, taking a vigorous walk or run, finishing that danged book you started writing five years ago. Please, please, please be careful. This ever so slight (or huge) action is going to start a war.

A war that can’t be ended (nor should it be).

It is a war for your life, your dream. And, this small flake that permeated into a pea-sized snowball, will set a raging avalanche on course. It may start small but the affects are gargantuan. People that don’t belong will quickly get out of the way. Those that do will cling and go for a great ride. You won’t be looking back because there is way too much going on in the here and now. Your next endeavor will be prodding. Your action is the difference maker in your life. By the way, “I knew you could”. Thanks for using this blog as a tool for taking action in and for your life. Please keep me updated on your life-launch.

Get out there and live it, and live it Loud.

Remember friend, you are the only you, you have.

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  1. Rob says:

    Thanks. Sometimes it rolls and sometimes it rocks:)
    Stop by anytime. By the way, let me know what your brothers’ blog is…we’re in this together!
    I like spreading the love.

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