Life Got Better After I Died

ChapelNot a physical death.
But, it was a bit painful.

I found out that…
Life can be better if you die to excuses. It can be better if you die to blame.

There will be plenty of other takers.

But, it doesn’t have to be me.
It doesn’t have to be you.

You might be reading now and thinking, ‘He doesn’t know’.

I do.                  I wasn’t just an honorary member…

I was the CEO.

Then, an odd thing happened.                     I couldn’t bear it anymore.

So, I decided it was time to….

Who would miss me?
Who would mourn my passing?               Who would step-up and honor the memory of an…

Excuse making, Blamer?

It hurt.                                       At times, I wept.

I struggled forward.

I had to say no to myself sometimes. Other times I had to say yes.

It got easier.
Things improved.

Life was becoming fun.

It became exciting just to wake up.

My mind would race at the thought of…


Except now, they really are possible.

My old friend Blame likes to show up now and again. Excuse tags along.

I bravely tell them they are in the wrong place. I tell them the person they are looking for is dead.

Then, I smile.

And, get back to work.

Live it LOUD!

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10 Responses to Life Got Better After I Died

  1. You’re a talented poet. I love your choice of topic too. Thanks for the reminder to – make no excuses – just do it!

    • Rob says:

      Angela, or do you mind me calling you Angel:)
      Thanks for the sweet words.
      My topics are usually ‘close to home’ if you know what I mean.
      Live it Loud!

  2. Bolaji says:

    Wow – that’s a powerful poem, Rob.

    I’d love to hear more about your personal back story – the about us page doesn’t give us that full glimpse into the motivation behind the man, and the site (yet!) Ha ha!

    Very well done with this piece. It’s a kick in the pants for tire kickers and action takers alike!

    • Rob says:

      Thank you my brother.
      I greatly appreciate any encouragement from you because
      it’s obvious by your story, that you get it.
      I love your site(s).
      Live it LOUD!
      P.S. It appears we both like jumping out of planes!

  3. Bojan says:

    Short and down to the point. I came here inhaled the short burst of energy and moved along… Hopefully I will stumble back here…

    I bet you will make sure of it.

    Thanks for the inspiration

  4. I could dote you with compliments, but I feel like I do so often. I’m going to do it again anyways.

    I agree with the above comments. A brilliant write and poet. Your thoughts are always inspiring. I wake up on Monday, and I’ve got my nice Monday morning inspiration, and I’m ready to hit the week. Know you’re an inspiration, and work you put into what you do here helps others.

    I believe in you – and support you in all your endeavors!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Christian,
      I feel the same way Brother!
      It is great satisfaction knowing we make the world a little better.
      We can’t help every sand dollar make it back to the ocean, but the ones we do, sure appreciate it!
      Thanks for showing us how to Live it LOUD!

  5. Dita says:

    Hi Rob,

    Great catchy title! It caught my attention. And, I am loving your clever way of writing the post. Very inspirational.

    Thanks for sharing!

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