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It’s Time To Take ActionIt's Time To Take Action

Quit playing around. The time has come for the work to be done and you know just what that means.

You know because you have done real work before. You may do it everyday.

Just not for yourself.

It’s time to cast aside fear and do this thing. You’ve learned enough. You have enough experience. You have all the knowledge you need because you know that it will take persistence. You know that.

But fear grips you. What if…

Perfect. We know you are human. Fear is part of life. It is at the root of much failure and inaction. Acknowledge that. Deal with that.

You will get more comfortable with fear as time goes on.

Quitting will no longer be an option for you.

You will use it as a driving force. It will allow you to be a finisher. Quitting will no longer be an option for you. Why?

Because you prepared for this.

You’ve been preparing for this for a long time. You’ve already done it in your mind. You’ve read the books and all the how-to articles. Committed action is all that is left.

Intentional committed action.

It’s time to take action.

Except this time, it won’t be for someone else. It will be for you. You deserve it.

If, of course, you take action.

Take that action today and see if it doesn’t make you come alive. The time has come. You’re ready.

Stop wasting time on stupid things.

Yes, stupid things. Watching tv, texting, FaceBooking don’t cut it. And, they aren’t going anywhere. You can always go back to them. They’ll wait.

… dreams and goals …

But, your dreams and goals won’t. You will get no closer to them. Hours will continue to pass. Yes, years will continue to pass. You will be able to talk about Dancing With The Stars with every one in the office. But, that won’t inspire them. By the way, wasn’t it you that said you were glad you weren’t them?

… so-and-so inspired you …

You also mentioned how so-and-so inspired you by his business on the side. Funny, I never remember him chiming in when folks were talking about that show. Do you? I guess he must have missed it. How long ago did he leave the company? People sure thought he was crazy.

He was. Crazy for waiting so long to change his story. The pen was in his hand the whole time. The story was waiting to be written. Along with all the other learning you’ve done, you’ve probably read his book.

You have the pen.

Write yours.

Change your story.

Make it a thriller. I can’t wait to read it.

Take action. Take intentional committed action. Take it today.

Your story awaits.

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it.
The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”
~Earl Nightingale

In closing, I want you to know that I love you. It isn’t hard to fathom really. I love you because you are me, and we aren’t all that different. In fact, we’re more similar than you know.

Live it LOUD!


P.S. If I can help you in any way, toss me a line. Thanks for reading.


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24 Responses to It’s Time To Take Action | Your Story Awaits

  1. Puneet Gupta says:

    Yes we must not waste our time in doing silly things we just need to change and start doing something from just right now. Your post inspired me a lot.

  2. Mika Castro says:

    I like the idea on “Just not for Yourself”. I would like to site an example on this. Perhaps a teacher. Learning is along way to go for you to be a professional but in the end after all the hard works that you have done and became a professor, Its time to share what you have learned and apply it.

  3. Hi Rob,

    Great quote from Earl Nightingale – so true. That is becoming a key tenet of how I live. I try to do something productive every minute of the day even when I’m relaxing.

    • Rob says:

      Good point Chris,

      We can relax in productive ways also. I love listening to Earl even now. Brilliant man. Thanks for stopping by.

      Live it LOUD!

  4. Thanks for the call to action, Rob!

    Action is the stuff the universe is made of. We were meant for it. Everything of value in life requires it, at least some of it. Action is required to build a deeply loving relationship with your spouse and children. Action is needed to learn and grow and develop the mind, or the body, or the will, or courage, or your character. Action is needed to stay alive.

    And there’s no better time like the present to start taking it … lots of it … in the direction of those things that matter most.

    Thanks for the motivation, Rob!
    KenWert@MeanttobeHappy recently posted..How to Change Your Life in One Simple StepMy Profile

    • Rob says:

      Indeed Ken.

      Our time in life is limited. How will we spend it: Loving our family? Developing? Living at a high level? Making a difference?

      Or, will we just live?

      Each of us must decide. Thanks so much for adding to this conversation Ken.

      Live it LOUD!

  5. Hey Rob,

    I realized years ago (thankfully) that you can dream and talk and hope… but action is the way things actually happen. Seems so simple but it’s really easy to miss when you’re deep in the dreaming game.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    • Rob says:

      Hey Brian,

      Re: “…but action is the way things actually happen” You must be a cpywriter 🙂 !

      That is so true. I was just pondering that thought before I read your comment. Often times we are chasing the next best thing, rather than just doing the work we are capable of. When reading and learning become a crutch, it’s time for action. Thanks for your input my friend.

      Live it LOUD!

  6. Sophia says:

    Thank you, you blog inspire me a lot. Yes, I would like to make action and have right faith and positive attitude to do what I really want to. No fear, no maybe, no impossible, just believe in.
    Sophia recently posted..My Way to Forex TradingMy Profile

    • Rob says:

      Hey Sophia,

      No fear, no maybe, no impossible…Yeah! We must not limit our own potential by succumbing to the unknown. Many things were thought impossible before they were accomplished.

      Live it LOUD!

  7. Mitchell Allen says:

    Rob, this is inspirational. Upon reading it, I realized how affirming it is to know that my continual course corrections bring me closer to this goal of being a finisher.

    I do spend a fair amount of time on Facebook, but I don’t see that as a waste. My family is far-flung and family is the most important part of what makes life fun. You pointed out to Ken that our time in life is limited. Well, I say our life in time is infinite!

    There is so much living that you can do from minute to minute. I hope this is not just something I enjoy, but that everyone can tap into. As a creative person, worlds open up before me with every hour! The trouble is not in limitations but in selecting the choicest paths.

    Too many people hesitate to branch off into fractal exploration 🙂 That’s just my fun way of saying, “Live a little!” You have the pen. I Love that!



    • Rob says:

      Hey Mitch,

      Powerful words my friend…where to start?
      You inspired a post that I will write, “Being a Finisher”. Continual course corrections seem to all lead to the same place; THE DESTINATION, wherever that may be for one.

      FBing just like any outlet has value if it is used in valuable ways. Family is highly valued my friend. Any social outlet is fine (imho) as long as we aren’t living vicariously instead of doing ourselves.

      As far as the world opening up…we are related my friend. This can also be quite a distraction for me in trying to focus on one thing. My mind is a factory, constantly putting forth new product. Selecting, and staying the course on the choicest paths, are fundamental for the journey I’m on. It has been a pleasure my friend.

      Live it LOUD!

  8. Mika Castro says:

    Rob, I agree that time is limited. So, as a human being, its time to take some actions really. Have a nice day!

  9. John says:

    Thanks Rob! This post is very motivating and has inspired me to bring a great change in life. There was one thing that changed in my life and I quit. But this post has motivated to bring a change and again reclaim my happiness for it is Not the time to quit but the time to take action!
    John recently posted..The best breakup songs that help me get through my dayMy Profile

    • Rob says:

      Hey John,

      That’s why I’m here. To plant seeds of belief and change.
      We all look forward to reading your new story. The one that turns out how you want it to.

      Live it LOUD!

  10. What an inspiring post, I love the little graphics you have going throughout the page with big, blue words.

    I will write my own story, I’ll be sure to send you a copy when its done :D.

  11. Ilene M. Jennings says:

    Hi Rob,

    Wow! You have done a great article again! It really inspire me. Can I share this in my FB? 🙂

  12. Lyka Ricks says:

    This is very encouraging! When are you going to act if there is no more chance?

  13. Boy, was this motivating and exactly what I needed to read right now! You are a pro at inspiring others to take action, Rob! I’ve been reassessing the last year and thinking about the best course of action for 2012 — what I realized was that I wasted a lot of time last year. I could have been more productive if I hadn’t been wasting time. Knowing this, I’m excited about what this year can bring for me if I put my head to it! =) Thanks for being there with me along the way!
    Samantha Bangayan recently posted..This Expat’s All-Encompassing New Year’s ResolutionMy Profile

  14. Stefania R. says:

    This makes me think of those who love to dream and “talk” about their life and what they want, but they never take action! It’s your life, make it what you want it to be, never give up! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  15. This a very inspiring post. Don’t let fear or criticism paralyze you. Just do it!

  16. Really amazing and a very inspiring post. I think we don’t have to waste time on thinking so much. Yes I don’t say that thinking is a waste of time, Of course thinking is a good activity but must do it in limit. And try to give the physical shape of your thinking.

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