Is There a Recession Going On?

Is there a recession going on?Today is the best time you could have asked for.

Opportunity abounds.

Is there a recession going on? Persistence.

The 2011 Billionaires List breaks two records: total number of listees (1,210) and combined wealth ($4.5 trillion). Some of you may be thinking that the rich keep getting richer. So, let’s go with the poor of the rich. 🙂

The number of U.S. households worth at least $1 million rose to 8.4 million in 2010, compared to 7.8 million the prior year, according to a report by Spectrum Group.

How can this be?

Is there a recession going on? Desire.

I know only certain folks get all the breaks. Or, not.

The resources at our fingertips right now have never been available in the history of mankind.

Most can be had for free: FaceBook, Twitter, KindleDirect Self-Publishing,,

I think you are starting to see where I’m coming from.

Your goal may not be to have a well-padded bank account. That’s fine. You may want to write a book, lose some weight, create a blog, etc.

What really is stopping you?

The recession?

That’s not the problem is it?  I encourage you to read up on the modern-day pioneers that are making it happen (recession or not). I also encourage you to join them. They aren’t so different from you.

Recession? Success.

Climbed the Mountain

Today is that day.

Make It Happen!

“Sure it hurt, but I never let my mind fix on that. If I did, that would become fear, and then I would start focusing on how the next blow was going to feel, and that he would start hitting me more than I would be hitting him.
That’s how life is too; people always look at the punches they take in life, like how much gas costs, what others may say about them, who said what, etc. Once we let our minds fixate on that instead of the goal, they end up on their backs knocked out in the game of life. Funny thing is when you keep your mind peeled on what’s really important and not let others distract you from your dreams, you can become a Champ, too.”
– Evander Holyfield

Live it LOUD!

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41 Responses to Is There a Recession Going On?

  1. You make such an important point here, Rob. Too many people are using the recession as an excuse to not do what they really want to. I can’t start my own business in this recession. I can’t even look for a better job in this recession. I can’t be happy in this recession. All BS, really. Recessions are times of immense opportunity, if we choose to see it that way.

    And I love the Evander Holyfield quote. What a powerful example of the importance of focus. Thanks for this. 🙂


    • Rob says:

      Hey Melody,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and telling it like it is. The recession will let you decide where you end up. Your choice.
      I love that Holyfield quote also, as he is a good example of pressing on.

      Live it LOUD!

  2. Hi Rob,
    I only have Internet for an hour today since the hurricane knocked out the tower in my area. I’ve come in to my Dad’s house (he has Internet) to put a note on my blog and while I’m finishing my coffee I went to my Reader to see what’s up. When I saw a post by you bolded in my Reader, I thought – here’s an uplifting shot in the arm for me! Not disappointed! At. All.
    You really rock it Rob! I’m so glad I met you and found your blog. You make me want to jump out of my chair and DO something! 😉
    Thanks for what you do!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Lori,

      Hope all is well. Funny how you are in the midst of turmoil and yet spreading joy from that very spot.
      The pleasure has been mine. I look forward to stopping by later.

      Live it LOUD and Safe…

  3. Eugene says:

    People who “get all the breaks” usually worked their asses off and failed miserably multiple times. And probably worked 7 years to finally have their overnight success. You have to be willing to take risks and accept failures, and your breaks will come.

    I actually think a recession is a GREAT time to start a business. There may actually be more opportunity to succeed. Less people are willing to take risks during a recession, meaning less people start businesses, meaning you have less competition. And if you are a business that needs to hire people…you can hire more talent for less.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Huge,

      It is interesting to see the different takes. You gave me another positive which is more talent for less. I am in the process of hiring myself and didn’t even consider that! As for overnight success? You and me both my friend.

      Keep knocking it out of the park…and Living it LOUD!

  4. Manda says:

    Very inspiring post! Lately I’ve been feeling pretty down with my very little finances and slow business. I work all day and it’s not looking like it’s been paying off much. I’ve been thinking about just going back to a regular salaried job, but seeing how lots of people are getting laid off, just makes me feel really discouraged. I guess I’ll just have to hang in there for a while and continue with what I’m doing. Forge a path for myself.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Manda,

      Welcome! You have come to the sticking point in which many turn from and regret later. Tweak? Yes. Quit? No.
      Keep plugging away and tweaking. There are many who have made it in the way you want to. Seek them and shorten the learning curve. And then, teach someone else. And, keep smiling.

      Live it LOUD!

  5. Chris Barba says:

    Hey Rob – awesome Holyfield quote!

    Love this post. As I was reading it, the one word that kept bouncing around in my head was accountability.

    So many of us, myself included, are so good at making excuses. “I didn’t have enough time” “I was crazy tired” “The economy sucks”

    The problem here is when you justify behavior with excuses you then become linked to those excuses – in essence you are participating in self-imposed limitations. This is what I love about your post – it’s not about the negative things going on in your periphery its about your current focus on the bright spots of your life.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Chris,

      Exactly. I recently mentioned the book War of Art by Pressfield in a post. He addresses so many of these things, and well. He refers to it as resistance. Indeed, it is. I really appreciate the point you make about ‘self-imposed limitations’. I must admit I used to be world class at this terrible habit. Excuse after excuse. It became clear to me the only way I would enjoy thoroughly, was to be accountable to myself. Excuses wouldn’t cut it. Blaming others wouldn’t cut it. It has given me so much freedom. In this way, I and you, and every one else can write their own story and live it. And…

      Live it LOUD!

      Thanks Chris for bringing it home my friend.

  6. Hugo Martins says:

    Hey Rob,

    Recession or no recession, I think we both could agree that that’s not the problem when searching for reasons why most people don’t succeed…

    Although the economy is how the world works, we can pretty much guarantee that the reason most people don’t succeed is because they simply don’t work hard enough or they don’t work on the right things.

    We can all make excuses…

    • Rob says:

      Speak the truth Hugo.
      Don’t complain and gripe, change it.

      Each of us face adversity of one sort or another. Our response is key. Let’s make it happen…and,

      Live it LOUD!

  7. Lola T says:

    I agree with the post and with other commenter, I really feel only recession can help us in setting up new form of business all over and it is really something that no body can control also. I feel it is worthier to get inspired to work for self and rather not get effected by recession.

  8. Hey Rob,
    Recessions should be used as a time to really dig deep within and be creative when it comes to creating value in other people’s lives and earning income at the same time.

    • Rob says:

      No doubt Justin,

      Building value is good no matter the economic times. Digging deep is a call to action we must employ regularly also in order to live that life we seek. I call it…
      Living it LOUD!
      I know you do already and appreciate you and respect you greatly my friend. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Leonor Miller says:

    yes, I feel It might hit back some time, But the one which we had previously is a warning to us be aware of any challenge that might come to take a immediate reaction and have the best guts and courage to face it well.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Leonor,

      What a lovely name and lovely insight as well: “guts and courage to face it well”.

      We all need a dose of that. Thanks for stopping by.

      Live it LOUD!

  10. Penelope J. says:

    Hi Rob,
    One of the things I love about your posts is that you always come up with interesting facts and/or quotes, statistics, etc. to support them. Motivational blogs abound but they seldom offer such concrete evidence or information to back up their message.

    Here, you show the several sides to the recession and how we can find abundant opportunities to get ahead. We can also find abundant excuses not to. It’s up to each of us to make that decision and take advantage of what many see as a negative situation.

    I’m right there with you!

    • Rob says:

      I know you are Penelope.
      I know you are.
      You are the gentle breeze that blows at the right time my friend; always welcome and appreciated.

      Continue the flight, and…
      Live it LOUD!

  11. Ken Wert says:

    Yep, Rob, it’s the perennial excuse that something “out there” stopped me from succeeding. I “can’t” do it because of this, that or the other thing is a mentality that traps its victims in the swamp of mediocrity. Fear that it won’t work, that people will laugh, that they won’t understand, that it will cost too much, take too much time, won’t be accepted. If such things were strong enough of themselves to stop people from taking risks, from taking punches by life, there would be nothing but a sort of mayonnaise-like blandness to everyone’s lives.

    Thank you so much for the reminder to push forward despite the punches life throws at us!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Ken,

      Strong my friend. Strong indeed.
      The War of Art keeps spinning in my head. Resistance, resistance, resistance.
      None of us are immune to it, but it sure helps to recognize it for what it is.
      It’s important for us to call it what it is and what it represents in our lives in order to get past it.
      Excuses and blaming never won the day.
      Thanks Ken, and…

      Live it LOUD!

  12. Ant says:

    Nice blog, ill try to keep up with it! To add a lot of people are scared to start because they are trying to be perfect. It doesn’t matter, just start.

  13. Stephan Hilson says:

    Recession certainly effects almost everyone. It is wise to seek opportunity while having recession. I have to agree that some resources are definitely free and easily accessible like Facebook and wordpress. I have started a blog and I am doing fine writing some post. Thanks for sharing the interesting article.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Stephan,

      Yes, recession affects everyone, but in different ways for sure. We have a choice to choose how that is. We can make it happen or gripe about the rough times. Indeed, you are choosing the right course by taking action. Congratulations.

      Live it LOUD!

  14. Thoroughly motivating, Rob! Persistence and desire are often overlooked factors. I love the idea that I can take charge in my own life regardless of what may be happening in my environment. That’s something I truly believe in and work towards, and you bring up a really good point about the power of the Internet and social media. It’s so amazing that we can take businesses into our own hands this way! =)

    Always love your energy, friend! =)

    • Rob says:

      Hey Sam,

      You are an expert at taking things into your own hands! One never knows until they pour forth that effort.
      Love the energy, back atcha…

      Live it LOUD!

  15. Peter says:

    Thanks for this great post. It really gave me a motivation boost to do something for myself. I started making a list with what I want to do. I already made 5 websites for myself in 2 weeks and more will follow. Thanks.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Peter,

      Wow. 5 websites in 2 weeks? Awesome! I love the way you phrased it also, “… for myself…” You took control of your own destiny. That is Living it LOUD!

      Enjoy the fruit my friend.

  16. Dear Rob,

    Your stats raised a very good point. Recession seems to be affecting only those who are hit hardest. But I think people who are getting rich are not really bad people actually.


    • Rob says:

      Hey Jimmy,

      Thanks for stopping by. Recession can be temporal or lasting depending on the person. Notice I didn’t mention economic factors, government,etc. In the best of times some people will find good reasons for not getting it done.

      Live it LOUD!

  17. Demi says:

    Hey Rob,

    First of all thanks for this great post I really like it. I’m one of the persons who thinks the rich are getting richer but that doesn’t stop me. I really am working hard these days so I can get back where I first was.


    • Rob says:

      Hey Demi,

      What others are doing shouldn’t impact us as much as what WE are doing 🙂

      Live it LOUD!

  18. Very poignant!

    And as I always like to say …
    Columbus took a chance. 🙂

    This time in our lives is right and ripe for “unconventional” thinking. The recession has opened the doors to liberation. Time to shout out an Amen!

    Instead of griping about the Dow being down … invest in yourself. The stock market is “iffy”. YOU are a “sure thing”.

    Love this post, Rob.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Melanie,

      Aren’t we all brave when the shore is in sight? But, the true journey is made on the open waters.
      Liberation. Yes, sweet liberation. We are “sure things”! Your words always inspire me. Thank you.

      Live it LOUD!

  19. ross says:

    i think jobs are still out there, they just aren’t in the same places. Any job that can be automated or outsourced isn’t worth pursuing anymore.
    There is a ton of opportunity on the internet. Anyone can make a living on it, it just takes alot of focus and persistance.

    • Rob says:

      We agree. There are literally thousands of opportunities out there. We must only have our eyes fully open. For those who aren’t sure about that. Do a Google search for interesting new ways people are making millions. We must adapt and be ready to offer awesome services and products.

      It awaits.

      Live it LOUD!

  20. Recession is being used as an excuse for almost everything that does not flow perfectly in people’s lives.. In fact it is an era of change that is for sure and it all depends on how you see it. You can just sit back and whine about it or accept it and create new opportunities for yourself. You don’t have a job? Create one. Change occupation, do something different for a change and see how it goes. Live and smile.

    • Rob says:

      Beautifully put Jack. Those words are indeed, timeless. The world is improved by those folks looking to create new opportunities.

      Live it LOUD!

  21. Richard says:

    Hi Rob,

    I imagine the majority of those households worth at least 1 million have sacrificed a lot of time and effort to hit that mark, good on them.

    Recession is just a word, If you have a solid plan and work towards it everyday 9 times out of ten you should hit your mark.

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