How Badly Do You Want It?

18 and a half things that don’t really matter

How Badly Do You Want It“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
– John Wooden

I can and do want it for you. Other people in your life may also want it for you. But, if there’s one thing that I have learned over and over, it is this. You must want it for you. I have compiled a list that will either motivate you or anger you 🙂 My hope friend is that it motivates you to take action today and let the ‘chips’ fall where they may.

Unfortunately, it will anger a few in which case I will be heading back to my cabin in northern Montana where you will have to get through bears, mountain lions and ground squirrels. By then, after being in the throes of nature at it’s best, I’m hoping your anger will have subsided and we can share a piece of dark chocolate.

There are so many reasons we like to give as to why we won’t write that book, travel the world, climb that mountain, or even refrain from eating that donut.

In the end you are worth blasting these excuses to oblivion and getting on with your new life.

I’m sure many more could be mentioned, but, here’s a start:

  1. Lost or any other must-see TV.
    Do you get more benefit from watching tv or from reading this blog? Ouch, hey
    that hurt 🙂 But seriously folks, shut it off and be amazed at what you can
    accomplish. How badly do you want it?
  2. I am past my prime.
    Only you decide what your prime truly is. Take action today and you will start to
    trust yourself. A step at a time enables you to climb any staircase. Start with the
    first step and you will soon realize that you have way more prime than even
    you thought.
  3. I’m too young.
    Stop, drop and read! There are many examples of extraordinary accomplishments
    that were achieved by little rascals.
  4. Bad childhood.
    Ahh yes, the memories. You are in charge of today. There may never be closure
    or reasons sufficient to satisfy. Don’t let this stop you from prospering friend.
    Build your library with inspiration and your mind will follow.
  5. I have an ugly car.
    What? Believe me, I have heard this one.
  6. I’m not that smart.
    Good. Neither am I. And, it seems to be working just fine.
  7. No, really. I’m not that smart.
    To very loosely paraphrase a biblical verse, “Ambition covers a multitude of flaws”.
  8. I have no talent.
    Well, you are good at lying.
  9. I have four children.
    That should be great motivation.
  10. I have no college education.
    Many highly successful people are also without one. But if your goal is to be a
    doctor, you will need one. Enroll and begin the journey. It’s simple but not easy.
    But, you are worth it.
  11. I have no support system.
    In some cases this may be true. But, not for you. You have me! And, I am pulling
    for you. This is no joke. My goal is to help as many people as possible to reach
    their potential. Email me. Also, a Buddhist teaching states, ‘When the student
    is ready the teacher will appear”. This has been proven many times over to me
    and I have no doubt it will be to you also. Most importantly, you must pull for you.
  12. I’m in a dead-end job.
    See number 9.
  13. No time.
    Friend, if it means going with less sleep, do it. You have to make the time.
  14. I’m blonde.
    Dye your hair back to it’s original color.
  15. Too busy.
    Send me your schedule and be honest about it. Listen, thirty minutes a day can
    make a big difference. Also, on your way to and from work pop in a cd that will
    help you grow.
  16. I’m too fat, too skinny.
    If you’re looking to run the Boston Marathon it just may be that you are going to
    need to drop some poundage. But, if your goals are to lose weight and sing in public.
    Start with voice lessons…momentum stack. Reverse it if you’re underweight.
  17. I’m bankrupt.
    Perfect, now you know what not to do again. You should be ahead of the curve. Also,
    do a search on famous people who have filed bankruptcy…some big hitters.
  18. I’m a loser.
    Wait just a minute. I will not suffer those words. Now sit up straight in that chair!
    That’s better. Friend, the truth is at one time or another we all feel like there is
    an L stamped on our forehead. But, that isn’t the truth. All of us have special
    talents and abilities. Utilize them. Share them. The world is waiting. And, you
    are so worth it!

18 ½. I spend too much time reading your blog.
Good, now read again and again. Take action.

Get out there and live it, and live it LOUD.

Remember friend, you are the only you, you have!

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4 Responses to How Badly Do You Want It?

  1. Christian says:

    My mind traces back to the many, many individuals who made it big because of their passion and drive DESPITE failure. Michael Jordan didn’t make his 7th grade basketball team. Abraham Lincoln spent a decade trying to find success in politics. Steven Spielberg applied to his chosen film college TWICE and was rejected both times. He only received an honorary degree almost four decades later. Incredible.

    We are exactly what we choose to be. I don’t do anything without making that conscious, direct choice; and so does everyone else.

    Thank you for the thoughts and post. I really enjoyed reading. Makes me consider and think upon the things I’d like to improve this year – and into my future.

    • Rob says:

      Well Christian,
      It’s obvious we’re choosing something, with you posting comments @4am and me replying:)
      So true about making that conscious, direct choice. We fail to realize sometimes that we really can change and be that person we’ve always wanted to be. It just takes that first step. I did an article somewhere’s in here about momentum stacking…that is, building upon our small victories and letting them mount up into something tangible.
      It seems as if you’ve jumped right into h-u-g-e victories my friend.
      Good work, and thanks for stopping by.

      Live it LOUD!

  2. Hey Rob,
    I can tell you, that this is the post I should have written. Man I love the way you write and think. But the message of this post is clear. All that stuff we use to justify our inaction is just bullcrap way of thinking.
    The posts like yours make this world a playground rather than a place of heroic struggles, sacrifices and constant suffering.
    You’re killing it man.
    Looking forward to more from you.
    I’m Tweeting, FBing and Stumbling your post all the way!!!!

    • Rob says:

      What can I say Derek?
      If you like it, it must be real.
      That is my point; let’s keep it real! That is why I love your site and writing.
      This post was easy to write because it was me.
      There is another way, if we dare take it.

      Live it LOUD!

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