Getting Even With Your Boss

“Take This Job and Shove It.”
– David Allan Coe


Getting Even With Your Boss

Boss (or company) got you down today? Don’t get mad, get even!

Here are a few common complaints about places of employment (or bosses):

  • I’m underpaid
  • I’m overworked
  • I’m underpaid and overworked
  • I’m not appreciated
  • I’m forced to work overtime with no advance notice
  • I’m forced to work Saturday’s or Sunday’s (which wasn’t agreed upon)
  • I’m belittled
  • I’m discriminated against
  • I’m being harassed sexually
  • I work in an unsafe environment
  • My job is constantly being threatened
  • I am forced to lie to customers
  • I am forced to cheat customers
  • I am constantly stressed
  • I work harder than others only to receive less pay
  • …there is no future!

First, you have to be on the level. Did you just have a bad day in an otherwise great . . .
j-o-b? Or, was it just another bad day on top of the others? Was it just a bad week? Bad month? You see, we need to figure out if you’re just temporarily upset, or, if you are completely fed up. Sometimes people complain unceasingly about their lousy boss or company they work for. Some aren’t serious. They were just being themselves. They’re complainers. So, they complain. When I mention that they weren’t serious, this is what I mean. If a mosquito is draining your blood, you react. You smack it. You don’t talk about it first and then swat. You don’t call all your friends and say, “Gee whiz, a mosquito has taken two pints and she’s (only the females bite) still feeding. Hopefully, she’ll get full soon.” Sounds silly, right? It is also silly to complain about something that you really have no intention of changing. You must decide for yourself if you are serious about wanting a change. If you aren’t serious stop reading. If you are serious, good my friend, there is hope. The hope for this predicament lies in YOU.

For starters, don’t expect your boss or company to change. If they are practicing illegal activities you may want to consider filing an anonymous complaint with the Labor Board or another agency. If the activities are legal but you feel your life draining away, it’s time for you to change.

Please stick with me on these four ways of getting even with your boss.

Change 1) If you aren’t already, be the very best employee you can be. You can’t expect positive results if you aren’t behaving in a positive manner. Take action to do your job well. You aren’t looking for appreciation. You are looking for you to be at peace with you. Besides, you never know what other company might be watching.

Change 2) Bring a positive attitude and leave with a positive attitude. Again, this isn’t for them, but for you . If it takes reading or listening to positive materials before work, on break, at lunch . . . then, do it! You really are worth it. Don’t be surprised when other people notice and the atmosphere improves drastically. That attitude will carry you through.

Change 3) Thicken your skin. Do not allow negative comments to ruin your day. The comments are a reflection of who they are, not you. Don’t be so easily sidetracked. If you follow change 2 and fill your head with goodness, it will be much harder to sidetrack you. You must continually think about the BIG PICTURE.

. . . and now the most important step.

Change 4) Grow yourself when you are not at work. Your free time has to be treasured. Everyday when it is quitting time you must begin your vacation. It just so happens that your vacation ends on your next shift. Cherish this time. If you cherish it by sitting in front of the boob tube until you fall asleep, you have wasted your vacation. A good way to spend vacation is with the family (if you have one). Another good way to spend vacation time is on a hobby you enjoy. The best way to spend vacation time (after you have your family time of course) is growing you. You must use available time in the best manner possible. Work towards that degree you want. Learn a skill or trade that you can market that will earn you more money, or at the very least allow you to ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ. Send out your resume. Let friends, family, and acquaintances know that you are serious and are looking for opportunities. Don’t sit idly by with a ‘woe is me’ attitude on your vacation dreading having to work tomorrow. Seize this time like you’re riding a bull. Show yourself how serious you are by shutting off the TV.

Grow. Take action.

Today has power.

These are four of the best ways to get even with your boss. Today is your day.

Get out there and live it, and live it LOUD!

Remember friend, you are the only you, you have!

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