Fail Cheap, Fail Quick, Fail Often

Guess what? You are going to fail. Sorry about that. But, it’s actually good news. There is no better education out there than real life experiences.

There are a few things to keep in mind during this failing process.

  • Fail cheap – Education can be a pricey proposition, but it needn’t be. There is so much information at your fingertips in this day and age. Most of it can be had for free. The only cost involved is your time. In some cases it may be worth the financial investment to have all the tools in one place at the same time. Even in a case like this, it is wise to shop around and get reviews from other customers. It will be dependent on what industry you are looking into. You can learn a lot without spending a lot.
  • Fail quick – You cannot hold a losing position forever. At some point, you need to cut your losses so that you are able to get back into the game. Most who are considered to be successful have failed many times in business. Great, get it out of the way. It’s better to fail early in life and get it out of the way, than to be struggling when you’re in your twilight years. You probably will need to fail a few times before getting it right. Remember a guy by the name of Thomas Edison?
  • Fail often – The more you have failed the better educated you become. Don’t you now hold a huge advantage over the next guy? You know what NOT to do to make it work. But, if you’re going to sit on your couch and cower in fear at the chance of failing, you also can never have success. There is no shame in failing. None. This can’t be said about not trying, though. It could very well be the next thing you boldly take on that opens the floodgates for you. Then again, you could fail. You won’t know until you try.

In closing, failing will never be actualized unless one quits. It is the persistence of continued effort that begets success. So, by all means fail cheap, fail quick and fail often. And, you will have indeed unlocked the door to your dreams.

Live it LOUD!

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