“Don’t live your life like a jerk, dude.”

“For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these:
‘It might have been!'”
– John Greenleaf Whittier

Don't Live Your Life Like a JerkWhen a buddy of mine said the title of this post to me, I didn’t take it well.

In fact, I wanted to sock him. Instead, I bit my tongue and LISTENED. And actually, he made some excellent points. He began, “Don’t live your life like a jerk. You’ve talked for a long time on how you want to impact lives. You want to help others to maximize their potential. In short, you want to make a difference. But, here you are working a job you hate, using excuse after excuse to justify where you are in life. Dude (he loves this word), if not now, when?” He continued, “You do have a lot to offer. Use it. Make a difference for you, take your own advice, and see how much more you can help others.”

Ouch. Truth hurts, doesn’t it? It made sense. Welcome to todayhaspower.

Are you living your life like a jerk or a jerkess? Or, are you quick out of bed in the morning with excitement? Are you living your dream? Friends, this needs serious thought. What is holding you back? Better yet, what is it going to take for you to lasso the moon? Is a friend going to have to painfully level with you? Will you painfully level with you? What will it take? Let this be the start of your awakening to a bigger and better you. Get your *#! off the couch! There will always be another excuse for not living the life you want. You need to stop making excuses of ‘why me’, and start asking, ‘why not me’ instead.

This buddy of mine did me a great service. Part of the answer was this blog. I have many more things in the works. I am momentum stacking. I know it works. I am not only the author of todayhaspower.com, I am also a member. The struggles we face are not uncommon to men (women). What is uncommon is for men (women) to purpose to change, and then, do it. There are many who have come before you and lived their life out LOUD. Sadly, many more have not. Many have fallen by the wayside. Their dreams fallen also.

Yours does not have to. You can make the change. You can start today. The choice is yours alone. Action begets action. Don’t look back a year from now with the thought of ‘if only’.

Take hold today.

Make it happen.

Momentum stack.

Don’t let a setback derail you.

Keep plugging away.

You and your dreams are SO worth the effort.

In short, “Don’t live your life like a jerk, dude(tte)”.

Get out there and live it, and live it LOUD!

Remember, you are the only you, you have.

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