Interview With C. Hollingsworth From Smart Boy Designs

Live it LOUDERS!
You are in for a real treat. I have the pleasure of interviewing a young man that epitomizes what Today Has Power is all about. Christian Hollingsworth is solid. Period. Read his blog at Remember his name.

Okay, okay, enough. I’ll let his own words speak for him and let you be the judge. 

Rob: Hey man. It is my privilege to be doing this interview. Your health has been a bit shaky. The net at times can be a fantasy world, where there is no real connection. We make it different by caring. I care about you Brother and want your journey to be healthy. Tell us a bit about that journey and where it is now.

Christian:Christian Hollingsworth Appreciate the support and positive energy towards my illness. You’re right. I’ve been ill for quite a while. It all started back in November of 2010, with what seemed like the flu. Then it progressed into heart problems (pericarditis) where the lining around the heart becomes inflamed, which causes pain every few minutes. Around that time I couldn’t keep any food down, and started dropping weight like mad. Thus far I’ve lost over twenty pounds (which is quite a lot on my small frame!) and still battling the illness. The tricky part is that the doctors don’t know what it is yet. They thought it was Lyme’s disease, lead poisoning, gall bladder problems, etc…It’s been a rather interesting experience.

In life we’re all pushed through different trials. For some it might be health, and for others there may be extreme family difficulties. The truth and fact of the matter is that they come – and to all of us. Rich, poor, skinny, fat.

By being ill for such a long period of time, I’ve learned so much about myself and others. I’ve learned that our bodies are very important to care for. I’ve always been extremely healthy my entire life – and realize now that I’ve taken that health for granted in many ways.

“Every moment we choose what to do with our time – and that choice is good or bad, positive or negative.”

I’ve also learned how precious time is. Every moment we choose what to do with our time – and that choice is good or bad, positive or negative. I’ve learned how to juggle that time in different ways, and try to use every waking moment when I’m feeling strong enough, to meet those deadlines and get work done. There’s no place for laziness! 🙂

Rob: I love your site and what you put into it. No shortcuts.
How has your upbringing influenced the effort you put into your site and life in general?

Christian: I think I’ve learned most from watching my Mother and Father. They started off young, and I’m their eldest.

I remember my father coming home from working over twelve hours as a plumber each day; dirty, tired and completely used up. He’d still make that time to play with his children (myself included) and put others first. Although he worked hard for many years as a plumber – he never gave up on his potential or dreams. Creating events. Now he’s a highly successful event producer for running, biking and extreme sport events.

My mother has always put others first as well. She has five boys (including myself) and a baby daughter. There are six of us all together. Due to my father working diligently, she’s always had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mother. She keeps the house well, finds time to homeschool and cooks like a charm. She is incredible.

“Put others first.”

In short – I do everything in order to live up to them, my ultimate role models. To try and do what they do best: Put others first. Whether it be a blog, business venture or human interaction.

Rob: Your site is one of the first I started checking out before I decided to get serious online myself. What amazes me is the tweaking you do fairly often. It aligns with one of my core principals of putting a strategy that works into play, and then tweaking where necessary.

Christian: It seems I’m never perfectly happy with the outcome of a blog design, project or piece of art. I love tweaking things because I know, without a doubt, that there is always going to be a better way to do something. That’s the great benefit of reading other blogs, commenting and getting to know others. You’ll always find something within your blog (or life) that needs improvement, tweaking and growth.

I will forever be a “work in progress,” but I’m excited to see the outcome.

Rob: What advice can you offer to someone just getting started in any endeavor?

Christian: Long suffering. Diligence. Persistence. The theme here is to never give up. I think it’s so important for all individuals to pursue everything until the end; to see it through and do it well.

“How different would your life be now if it was completed?”

Each of us gives up. Take a moment and think back on your life. I’m sure there will be something that wasn’t finished. A hobby, relationship, business plan or project. How different would your life be now if it was completed? If you would have held on to those beautiful, splendid dreams?

I think it’s also important to remember that we can always improve no matter what our choices or past. Each day is a new day. That’s what I love about the blog here. The name itself speaks a simple and perfect truth. Today has power. I believe that. If you don’t already – take the time to come to know for yourself.

Today has power – and if you run with it – you’ll find success in any endeavor.

Rob: You’re one exploding ball of poetry and profundity. I love it.
Finally, rumor has it that you have a wonderful vocal talent.

Where can we hear Christian sing?

Christian: [Blush] I do love to sing. I perform mostly Opera, Michael Buble and Josh Groban style songs. My personal blog will be up and running in just a few short weeks over at and I’ll be including some of my vocal pieces. Stay tuned!

What a fantastic opportunity this has been. Thank you for thinking of me in regards to this piece. I’m touched and honored.

“It’s magical really.”

The blogging world is becoming closer I feel. My life has made such a positive turn because of the opportunity each day I have to interact with other bloggers. It’s magical really. With a few clicks you can immediately be transported through the mind, experiences and thoughts of another – all because of blogging.

We’re all humans. We have feelings. Sometimes we’re happy and sometimes we’re sad. I love going through this great journey we call life…together.

Rob: I look forward to years of discourse with you Brother (think Adams and Jefferson!). Thanks for the time.


There you have it folks! Sweet stuff.

Live it LOUD!


P.S. Learn how Christian got over 30,000 Twitter followers

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15 Responses to Interview With C. Hollingsworth From Smart Boy Designs

  1. Wow – what an intelligent young lad. Christian made some very valid and touching points – health is something that we often take for granted, and everyone has trials albeit in different form and weight.

    I wish Christian a speedy recovery and I pray for a miracle for him. Thanks Rob for interviewing him. I’ll be on the lookout for his blog and songs.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Stella,
      I see you got your groove back. Sorry, I had to. I’m recovering:)
      If we all faced our trials with the grace and courage of this young man, well…you know.
      I encourage you to read his blog. He (like you) really gets it.

      Live it LOUD!

    • Jk Allen says:

      I agree with you Stella, what an intellegent young man Christian is.

      Great interview Rob…I loved the questions and the Smart Boy nailed the answers!
      Jk Allen recently posted..And Finally…Why I Hustle! A Q&A SessionMy Profile

      • Rob says:

        Yeah Jk,
        I just stayed out of the way and let who he is speak.
        I think it worked well.
        Thanks for stopping by.
        Live it LOUD!

        • You know, I think it’s time I write a blog post about the name “smart boy.” It makes me feel conceited. 😉

          It all started when I was younger, and learning web development. I would learn how to do something in coding, and show my grandparents. They would always be amazed, because they were so un-technical. Almost like in a movie – they’d pat my head and say, “oh, you’re such a smart boy.”

          Thus, the name was born. 😀

          I’m so happy for your blog Rob. It’s growing steadily in the rankings – and I can see so much success. I’m all smiles.
          Christian Hollingsworth recently posted..If Walt Disney had a blog…My Profile

  2. Love how you formatted this interview Rob. It really looks wonderful. Honored to have been a part of Today Has Power today. I’m liking your thoughts on Adams and Jefferson. Sounds like the PERFECT plan to me. 😉
    Christian Hollingsworth recently posted..Social Media Is OldMy Profile

  3. Christian, wow, bro. What a great story you shared. I will most certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to recover. I pray the doctors can get to the bottom of it soon.

    Rob, hope you’re well, my friend!

  4. Hey Christian, Hi Rob!
    I hate like anything to hear about your health problems (so I’m sending some healing energy to you). I’ve seen you around the B but didn’t know very much about you until now. Good for you in recognizing the importance of persistence. And for seeing the magic here in the connections and the inspiration which rain like hail around us!
    Opera huh!? I’ll be watching – er – listening!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Lori,

      If you want to be even more impressed with this lad, read the bio on his site. He is amazing. And, a generous giver to all those around him.

      Makes it a better experience on line when there are people like he (and you!).

      Live it LOUD!

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