Are You Ready? Make It Happen

This post was inspired by a comment that IMake It Happen!
left on Smart Passive Income. The article was plugging a book by MJ DeMarco. My comment was mainly to other commenters who had various opinions.

This is my original comment:

Hey Guys,

For what it’s worth:

First off, I didn’t buy the book. There comes a point when enough has been read on any subject and action begs to be taken. I’m not sure if MJ still offers the first 3 chapters for free, but he did. I read and enjoyed them. What they told me once again? Quit whining. Take action. Do something. Be proactive for your tomorrow, today. That message is loud and clear in many writings. It really isn’t dependent on who the author is. I find Smart Passive Income to be one of the tops (okay the very top!) in how-to marketing. Does that mean that everyone that reads it becomes a successful marketer? Let’s keep it real. Probably less than 1%. But, every person who is ready to utilize the info? 100%. It depends on you. Not breaks. Not luck. Good old-fashioned elbow grease and persistence will win this day and tomorrow. Will MJ’s book change your life? No. Your actions will.
Can the book help you? Yes. But, only if you are ready.
“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Hindu Proverb

So the question becomes, “Are you ready?”

Live it LOUD!

I have a post that covers the idea of taking action a bit more.

So, I pose the same question to you:

Are you ready?

Nothing else matters if you aren’t.

  • You can read a thousand books.
  • You can listen to all the latest rage on your iPod.
  • You can even tell everyone what you’re going to do.

None of this will make any difference if you aren’t ready to do it.

So. Are you?

Commit to a project in the comments that you’ve been putting off. I will leave them open for updates.  It must be something tangible that can be finished w/in 30 days. Here’s an opportunity to make that THING happen. Consider it accountability. I’m participating too.

Live it exceedingly LOUD!


Look How Hard He Works!


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64 Responses to Are You Ready? Make It Happen

  1. Eugene says:

    Couldn’t agree more Rob. There are countless books on every topic that you can keep reading, and reading, and reading, and…

    But eventually you just have to act. Hell, acting without reading is better than just reading with no action.

    But you do make a good point about accountability. And this is something I have been struggling with and thinking a lot about lately. When you are out on your own, there is no one to hold you accountable but yourself. This is where making connections with other people that will do that for you can help.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Eugene,

      Great comments, but…commit to something my friend. I was supposed to start it off, so I will at the bottom.
      This may be my new favorite line in THP comments: “acting without reading is better than just reading with no action.”
      Experiential living is a far cry better than dormancy, or waiting for Godot (that perfect time to make it happen).
      Also, accountability is not a measure of weakness, but rather strength. We must open ourselves to be viewed and this isn’t always comfortable. Follow the patterns of many successful folk, and you will see accountability (possibly by another name).
      Also, it so happens just below you in my inbox at almost the same time as you commented was another reply to the post I mentioned over at your place (massive traffic following news). I’ll bring the link over.

      Now for a project I’ve been putting off: I’ve been published in newspapers, newsletters, blogs, and even a couple of poetry journals (does that make me wrong?:)
      But, I’ve never hit the next level. Average to this point. I’ve written a children’s book and sent to many publishers to no avail. I’ve been working on another one that I like as the characters are coming to life for me. It’s along the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter lines. For my challenge to myself: No excuses!
      I will have a minimum of 20k words completed for the first book in (dare I say) the series no later than July 1st (this year:).
      I will be leaving in the comments section where I’m at, and how many words I’m up to every few days.
      Who will face the giants with me?
      To all readers, don’t just comment, join in and challenge yourself. There will be great stories to tell.
      You can Live it LOUD!

  2. Eugene says:

    Ok Rob, I like it. Let’s do this thing.

    Just off the top of my head…I haven’t put much thought into this to figure out how overwhelming or underwhelming this will actually be for me…but…

    1. Write short ebook/report to give away as a freebie on one of my niche sites
    2. Write 26 newsletters for that same site (6 months worth of weekly mailings, maybe I’ll do the other half of a year next month :)).
    3. Send out 20-25 Sales Letters for my service business (means I have to completely finish the site first I guess)
    4. Research and register 3 new niche sites

    Again, I just sat down and popped that out. Does that seem reasonable? Too much? To little?

    • Rob says:

      Hey Eugene,

      The question is whether you think it’s reasonable. If you knock all that stuff down this month, you will look back at this month as being THE month (until the next one). The difference maker. I’m rooting for you. Break it off in nice bite-sized sections as you well know.
      Also, just attempting that can create problems for the neighbors as you will be…Living it exceedingly LOUD!

      • Eugene says:

        haha. Thanks Rob!

        I figure if I’m going to live it LOUD I might as well yell at the top of my lungs.

        • Rob says:

          Hey Hey Hey,
          There’s just one thing that I gotta say,
          No matter how life is today,
          I’ll never let another moment slip away.
          Michael Franti…from Hey Hey Hey

          • Liane says:

            I am going to see Michael Franti in a few weeks! Ok…that is not my project but it is part of living it loud for us as we commit to embrace all sorts of adventures…I will post the project below…

          • Rob says:

            Hey Liane,
            Is it pronounced like Diane or LeeAnne? Just wondering as I have a sister-in-law with the latter name.
            That song is powerful and is tied atop my favorite motivational songs. You can watch the video right here on my site under the motivational and inspirational songs.
            I have it tied with my daughter’s version of Pachelbel Canon. Yes, I’m partial:)
            Michael Franti was adopted and has a wonderful story.

          • Eugene says:

            Oh here we go…I got you breaking out in song now? 🙂

            My girlfriend loves Michael Franti.

          • Rob says:

            Franti has a great story…and (some) uplifting music to go with it. Nothing my children love more than me picking up my six string and singing a Franti song off key 🙂

  3. Oh ho, a challenge! I like a good challenge 🙂

    I just committed to a four month weight loss/strength building contest on another blog, and that has hit home for me more than ever since I just had surgery and it is sllllooooow going recovering, so I am feeling my age. So while I could list about 20 other things that I am actually working on every day, I will commit to that one because it is the most important. If I’m not healthy, very little else matters, right? So I am recommiting to my commitment as I know it will be he toughest one to stand by.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Julie,
      Great to see you! Health is vital. It’s ironic how we treat it until it goes. Then, it becomes important.
      I love the challenge but, we need something tangible for this month. What will you do specifically this month that will answer that commitment?
      Write it here and we will try to keep you accountable.

      Thanks. And, Live it LOUD!

  4. The specifics are (1) to walk the dog parade (all three, including the untrained one, so it actually a challenge) every day for a minimum of 45 minutes and (2) drink only water and (3) cut all packaged foods and anything resembling dessert out of my diet. IF I can get my husband to help out watching the 3 yo, then I will add gym visits where I actually get to do the strength training, but no promises on that one because I’ve hardly gotten to go since he came home full time Feb 1.

    • Rob says:

      Alright Julie!
      Now, we’re talking. You may want to consider grapefruit juice as a natural fat-burner (if losing weight is the goal). One 8 oz. cup a day can knock off 8 pounds in two months without changing anything else.
      The 3 year old can help Mommy. You may want to invest in some dvd’s or check out from the library. My son, works out with me in our living (it Loud!) room on a regular basis. Mainly some martial art workouts (not too much for him).
      I hope this helped a little. Please keep us updated at least once a week. Now, can you please write a few pages of my book for me:)
      Live it LOUD!

      • Great idea on the grapefruit (I am still working on losing the baby weight and he is 3!!) We do the Xbox Kinect Adventures together in the LR but he just got a cast off so must resume that.

        I know you’re kidding about the book but I totally could do that 🙂 People keep asking me to pre-review their ebooks and I think I must have been an editor in a past life!

        • Rob says:

          Hey Julie,

          I’m a big proponent of what I call momentum stacking. Some people take two steps back and even quit if they’ve had a setback. I believe firmly that we take each small success (however small) and build upon it. So, if we are trying to lose 5 pounds but only lose 2 we don’t discount the success, we celebrate it and build upon it. We momentum stack. Our outlook is important. You, my friend, are one of the millions of women who’ve held baby weight. The good news is that most will keep it. You won’t. You are going to lose precisely the amount you determine to lose and then will encourage others with the story of how you did it. I look forward to the story as I enjoy your writing. Apples before meals will curb the appetite and lessen caloric intake and are a good source of fiber. Many people that I’ve talked to will say that if junkie food isn’t in the house, they won’t eat it. My advice? Don’t bring it in the house:)
          As far as reviewing…hmmm…hand on chin…I just finished a 48 page eBook and if you would review it for me, well, that would be great. I would really appreciate it. If you’re willing I will send it on over.
          Last thing. Is there a specific amount that you want to lose this month?
          We are your cheering section…aisle 3, row 10.
          We’re in the Live it LOUD! section.

          • Sure, I would love to, send it over. BTW that 6 yo I am always talking about is a huge reader of books like the one you are working on, and you might find he has some good insights (not kidding, kind of blows my mind).

            How many pounds? Since I am starting off slow I would be very happy with 5 🙂

  5. “NALO person” stands for =>No Action, Learning Only<=!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Derek,
      Where is your challenge my friend?
      Come on…

      • No way, I’m already at my capacity, LOL. No more challenges for me at the moment.
        Well, if you want specifics, how about 5 links per day for another 20 days on one of my blogs (SEO thing).
        Live it LOUD!

        • Rob says:

          Hey Derek,
          Sweet. Now we’re talking.

          For all Readers:
          My update is 2,000 words to my book so far. A little slower than anticipated but I keep pushing with the other must-do’s.

          Live it LOUD!

  6. Steve says:

    I totally agree. You can read thousands of things and get advice from countless sources before taking action. That’s all good if you don’t know much about the subject. But it’s bad when you want to get all the information possible before taking action. I’ve been guilty of this too, but what makes it bad is when you use it to procrastinate. Sometimes taking action is the best teacher.

    One thing I want to be more committed to is working out twice a week consistently. Right now, it is at most once a week, but I want to do more. I guess it is time for me stop procrastinating about it. Plus, I want to cut out all processed foods and eat better.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Steve,
      I think we’ve all been in that vicious cycle of consuming without creating. Alright, I won’t speak for anyone. I have been in that vicious cycle. I actually spent some time recently in it. Some may see that I’ve come out with some eBooks recently and think I’ve been nailing it. Not hardly. I am starting to hit my stride of demanding more of myself, and it feels good. I will post how many words I knocked out on my book on Monday.
      Steve maybe you can give us more of a plan. Ex: I will work out on Tues. and Thur. this whole month for at least 60 minutes a pop.
      And let us know how it is going.
      Live it LOUD!

  7. Liane says:

    “acting without reading is better than just reading with no action.” I love that too!

    I find I get caught up in reading other blogs and learning all there is to learn that I let my own actions slip a little…we have grand visions for our site and are trying to focus on little steps at a time but we need a boost.

    *I recruit 5 more contributors
    *I will write 10 articles
    *I will get our facebook landing page set up

    So it isn’t much but it is reasonable.
    Thanks for the boost!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Liane,
      Nothing small about it. Great challenge for yourself. Focus. Focus. Focus.
      Set the goals up in bite-size pieces. Work on it everday. Complete a task and proceed to the next one.
      You will finish in less than 30 days and look back and smile.
      Thanks for sharing and stepping up to the plate. We may cross paths on the byways…
      Live it LOUD!

  8. Hey Rob! You’re absolutely right and in fact I was having a similar conversation with Eugene (I see that you guys had quite a conversation above) about this very same topic.

    I always say that the best way to provide value is by investing in yourself first. That means that you read books, you mastermind with other leaders, you educate yourself in your niche, you attend seminars, talks etc. But you can only do so much of that before you must take action to get the results that you desire.

    One of the points that I was talking about with Eugene was commenting on other peoples blogs. While commenting on blogs serves a great purpose; allows us to connect with other entrepreneurs, share our thoughts or perspective and perhaps even establish new connections through traffic, let’s be honest. Commenting is not a income producing activity.

    Everyone’s entrepreneurial ventures and journeys are different, but I believe that at times there may be too much emphasis put on commenting and not enough on producing. Commenting only give you the false perception that you are actually doing something that is income producing when in fact it is not.

    Dont get me wrong. I am not saying we should not comment on blogs. In fact, that is what I am doing here 🙂 The point is that we should not mistake commenting with producing results and taking action.

    Guys like Pat Flynn and Yaro Starak know this all too well. The reason why they have large communities of followers and is because they produce and they dont spend every second of every day commenting on other blogs. They let their results do the talking and I think those that want more customers or followers should concentrate more of their efforts on.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Hector,
      Great to see you here my friend even if we don’t comment on each other’s blogs often:) I am a fan of yours, as you do write with power and truth (a great combo).
      I agree that at times too much emphasis can be put on almost anything (commenting included). We all, though, must be honest with ourselves about why we do what we do. If it is just a time filler, we must call it exactly that, with no sugar coating. Consuming and commenting? Yes, but with limits. Creating comes first and foremost.
      That is one of the reasons I did this post. I wanted to offer a place where people would challenge themselves and be held accountable by others. Our journeys are different and what clicks for one may not for another. Something that I believe will work for 99% of the population is this:
      “That means that you read books, you mastermind with other leaders, you educate yourself in your niche, you attend seminars, talks etc. But you can only do so much of that before you must take action to get the results that you desire.” That is spot on. Take action early. Take action often.

      Live it LOUD!

  9. Matt says:

    Hey Rob,

    I keep on stumbling across blogs and articles with this very same call to action. Just do it, no more reading, get things done. I think it may be for a reason. I actually posted a similar blog post about the same thing just the other day.

    I have recently bought hosting and a domain for a new project that I am really excited about. I have been putting off a lot of the work to get things up and running mainly for different reasons, work, time (the usual excuses).

    I do want to create enough content on the site before getting things ready and this also means a ton of video blogs. I’ve just been writing ideas down on paper lately, but I think it’s time to start some structure to everything and getting it done.

    So here I am, on a completely free day for myself, sitting in a cafe, with nothing much to do. Time to get started.

    Thanks for the extra little kick!


    • Rob says:

      Hey Matt,
      That’s the attitude! Most of us have a project or ten that we have been putting off. Most can use a little kick including me.
      I look forward to seeing the videos. Keep us posted on where you’re at on the project.

      Live it LOUD!

  10. Annie Andre says:

    You nailed it. Information overload. I just went through it and it drives me crazy. I mean how many different ways can i learn about affiliate marketing. LOL.

    So last week, I made a promise to myself that i would spend up to one hour a day reading friends blogs. (ehem, you are one of them) and then another solid hour writing for my blog. Write behind closed doors, with my music in peace in quiet with no kids around. This is quite a feat for me because i have to wake up before 7 to do do this or stay up past 11 to have peace and quiet but i’m determined to do it.

    . I also just started taking a writing class online via whom i absolutely love because she writes artful heartful stories.

    Needless to say It’s been liberating to stop trying to amass information and do more of the DOING!!.

    Thanks for another thought provoking post. cheers to you and yours….

    • Rob says:

      Hey Annie,

      Same problem here with consuming. But, I am reforming my wayward ways! I’m honored to be on your reading list, by the way.
      Homeschooling for us presents challenges with blocks of available time (but, obviously worth it). Focusing when the time is available is definitely a priority.
      It’s interesting that you’re taking a writing class as I find your writing captivating already. Thanks for the link. Although I am comfortable with speaking, my wife and I just started Toastmasters a few days ago to grow and improve.
      It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to more.

      I will be checking your gypsy post so that we can live vicariously until our time on the road comes.

      Keep Living it LOUD! Annie (and Company).

  11. Even the perfect plan won’t take you anywhere if you don’t put it into action.
    It is when you take action that you learn and grow.

    Before you try the theories out for yourself they are only theories, when you test and prove them they become proof.

    • Rob says:

      Indeed Daniel.
      At times we can prove our own theories! I work on inventions (in spare time) and proving something actually works is a necessity.
      Thanks for the thoughts and encouragement.

      Live it LOUD!

  12. YES, Rob! Thank you for this! I so need an accountability partner because I’ve been focusing my time on catching up with my life that I haven’t *made* time for new projects (and I have a long list of them!) The most important thing to me is to revamp my blog a little bit:

    1. I want to change my About Me page. Right now, it sells my services, but I want it to actually be about my story, my life and ME. =P
    2. I want to include a new page on freelance writing and networking. A lot of people have asked me tons of questions about this and I’ve written articles, but I want to have a focused page of resources that I can direct people too.

    Please help keep me accountable!! =)

    And thanks so much for reminding me that it’s all about taking action. =) You’re the best, Rob!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Sam,

      We want to read your story! It’s a good story as I’ve read some already. So, don’t do it for you, do it for us. Believe me it will encourage plenty of people on the edge of making a choice. So, yes…right away, write away.
      And then, part 2. Bite off little pieces each day. Then, put it together. Momentum stack and before you know it, you’re done.
      Keep Living it LOUD!

  13. I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready.

    I feel like this is a great place for me to share my thoughts over the past couple of weeks, for a few reasons. You’re an incredible friend, I trust you, I admire you, and you inspire me. Being here is a win/win situation ALL for me.

    First of all – I’ve felt like that past couple of months I’ve had lots of things pulling at me. Different ways of thinking. Ideas. Working on talents and abilities. Writing. Just a lot to think about, mull over and process.

    Something that’s always been nagging at me is this increasing feeling that there’s just so much more to offer. Such a better way to live life. There’s too much potential within me – and I’m not letting it out. When I pray and when I meditate I feel it. The feeling of namaste comes over me (The spirit in me respects the spirit in you) and I realize that there’s just so much within that wants to come out. Wants to live it loud. Wants to make today powerful.

    I’ve identified a few places that are causing the inside from expanding. From reaching its full potential:

    -lack of focus
    -lack of positivity
    -lack of prioritization

    Focus is needed, first of all. I love to do so many things. I love to write. I love to sing. I love to play. I love to laugh. I love to watch movies. I love to read. I love to serve others. I love to draw. I love to play piano. I love to run. I love to play tennis. The list could go on and on. There’s just so much to do – and so little time. That’s where the focus needs to come in. I need to increase that focus – to a laserlike quality – and accomplish everything I want to do.

    All the people I respect have time for all those things AND more; because they have incredible focus. They also have incredible amounts of positivity, and equipped with beautiful ways of prioritizing.

    What’s important for me to do now, is act. Like you mention. Act now – and get it done. Make your goals a reality – and make your actions a habit. Good habits. Habits like waking on time and getting to bed earlier. Habits like prioritizing your time online. Habits like finding someone to serve each day or send a note to.

    Those are the type of habits, that I feel, are going to bring the results I’m looking for.

    I can see that you’re going for it too, Rob. How much ahead are you in blog posts? You had mentioned you were trying to get ahead, and schedule your posts in advance. I think that’s fantastic. It’s surely a blessing. I kinda slacked off and am only a week ahead right now.

    Hopefully I didn’t ramble too much. I’m just using this post as a place to gather some of my thoughts – and start acting now!

    Thank you Rob.
    I hope you know how much you’ve helped me.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Christian,

      You already know how I feel about you. If I were to never log in online again, I would not regret a moment. I have met you. I mean that completely.
      Ahh, posts ahead? I was. I was:) I’m only one ahead as of right now. So much to do. So little time. Which brings me to a side point for us and others.
      I’m only one ahead but I played ball with my neighbors children and my own.
      I’m only one ahead but I brought my children to play chess with a phenomenal group of guys.
      I’m only one ahead but my wife and I have been on two dates (Toastmasters and a 2 hour seminar) w/dinner.
      It’s true that I may be a bit behind even though I am plugging away diligently. You are too.
      You may be a bit behind even though you have taken your brothers to the movies…
      You may be a bit behind even though you went shopping with Mom…
      You may be a bit behind even though you went to your operatic lessons…
      My Brother, you are right on time.
      If you’re getting 8 hours of sleep or less, it doesn’t much matter when they come. (imho)

      I know you to be generous. I would continue in that vein as the way to true fulfillment. I am no less satisfied with writing a meaningful post than teaching a child to catch a baseball. Or, for that matter, taking my brothers to see a movie.
      You spread joy and it matters. We all appreciate it.
      Any would be blessed to call you son. I, to call you Brother.
      You are a Live it LOUDER!

  14. Stuart says:

    Mm, I can taste the raw action dripping from this post Rob, it’s oozing ‘just do it’ 😉

    I love reading books, I love learning, I love taking the time to read other blogs and commenting on/tweeting them. I don’t get as much time as I’d like to do this, but I enjoy the time I spend nonetheless.

    But there comes a point. A point when you realise that you’ve been reading and learning and sharing for quite some time, and although you’ve enjoyed the time, you realise one simple, important thing.

    All of this content is someone else’s. It’s not yours.

    You’ve been reading someone else’s book, learning someone else’s theories, commenting on and sharing someone else’s blog post. It’s all the work of another person, which means it’s not the work of your own. Sooner or later, you’ll realise that you have done NOTHING for your own work, for yourself.

    How to change this? Just do it. Be ready. It’s time to move. It’s time to dance 🙂

    • Rob says:

      Hey Stu,
      Dance indeed!
      This is a post you’ve left in the comments. I may actually post it. Most of us go through a similar pattern. Some often.
      I love reading and commenting also. I love learning. It feeds me. But, in short, it doesn’t feed my children, and they do get hungry from time to time 🙂
      Speaking of dancing. You can take lessons for years but at some point just bobbing your head won’t cut it.
      Then, it’s time to dance.
      Turn the music up, dance like you just don’t care, and…
      Live it LOUD!

  15. Alright, Rob. You just had to go and do it. Pushing me out into the abyss to face the inevitable … into the dark, murky waters of the unknown … into the night, where it’s lonely and dark and … okay, enough with the drama. I’m leaving an unspoken project here (a BIG one), because there are actually projects and there isn’t quite enough space to add them all here. Anyway, I don’t want to monopolize the comments section and bring all your readers to tears from boredom. I do, however, commit to start on them tomorrow and will proceed the same way you eat an elephant — one bite of nasty, dirty, old wrinkly pachyderm flesh at a time. I’m gonna “Make it Happen.” That’s how I roll.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Sherry,
      That is a splendid way to roll. Indeed, it is. One bite at a time wins the day.
      Thanks for joining in.
      I might mention you have a knack for writing4effect.
      Live it LOUD!

  16. Because of that stellar review of Christian, I just had to check him out. I have to say that I am truly impressed and am now a fan of you both! You BOTH know how to Live it LOUD!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Sherry,

      Anyone checking out him and his site becomes a fan. My concern is that he will come bigger than Google itself and the other billion bloggers will not have any readers 🙂
      I appreciate what you add to my humble abode. Thanks for subscribing. I will try to deliver quality goods.
      Live it LOUD!

      • We-ell, I think your fears have foundation. I, too, am afraid he will overshadow the blogosphere, then Google and ultimately monopolize … THE INTERNET gobbling up readers and subscribers like Pac Man on a mission … and forget us little peons in the process … Nah, that’ll never happen — the last part, that is 🙂

        I humbly thank you for letting me add to your humble abode and have no doubt that you will deliver quality goods. I can’t imagine you’d now stop living it LOUD, eh?!

  17. Hey Rob,

    You are absolutely right. I sometimes think that some things don’t work the way they work for others. So I don’t force myself to do such thing that don’t work for me. Now I’m thinking that in this kind of situation (personal development, success, etc.), a book can actually work for everyone as long as they are ready to make it happen.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Calli,
      That’s it! You’ve nailed it perfectly. Am I ready is the question. Not, will this book work for me. Of course it will. Will you work for the book?
      Thanks for putting it in plain English.
      And by the way…
      Live it LOUD!

  18. Marcus Baker says:

    Hey Rob,

    Wow awesome post and follow up comments!

    I love reading and learning but getting stuck there is just the ego arguing its point to stay safe so that we can avoid confronting our fears which is part of the nature of taking action.

    A while back I did a couple of guest blog post gigs and then I stopped quite suddenly. My excuse when anybody asked, “I’m too busy”.

    Sounds all very legit but it didn’t wash with me so I decided to observe how I felt when the topic of guest posting came up as it did, quite a lot, funny enough.

    I discovered the real reason – I had developed a fear that my posts might not be good enough. Irrational bogus nonsense!

    Anyway I spent the next little while just noticing the fear whenever it surfaced and laughing at the ego until eventually it was gone. So in the spirit of your challenge here I am going to write at least one guest post a week. Last week was my first since coming out of hiding. 🙂


    • Rob says:

      Hey Marcus,

      That comment is a guest post Brother! That is self awareness in action. Why we do what we do needs to be examined early and often.
      A guest post here would take care of two things at once my friend 🙂 Consider this my humble request. I discovered a while back that you definitely have excellent writing chops.
      Way to make it happen and inspire the rest of us.
      Live it LOUD!

  19. Britney says:

    Really impressed! Everything is very, very clear and open. You have shared a lot of valuable information.

  20. Dean Carlton says:

    WOW, Rob, WOW!!

    You stepped up into a major bundle of energy here while I wasn’t looking! Awesome post and comment thread – I take my hat off to you!

    Powerful (and LOUD!) stuff!

    The day job and personal stuff kept me offline a lot of this last month (living it QUIET!), sorry I missed this challenge! Though I did achieve some key milestones for me this month that I would have committed to (getting my blog syndicated to for example!).

    How did you do on the 20k words for the first in the series? Hope you blew your target away, my friend!

    Awesome work here, Rob – respect!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Dino,

      You haven’t missed anything and can join any time. We exclude no one here:)
      I must admit that I haven’t accomplished my book writing goals to this point for much the same reasons you gave. Juggling is fun but not when fire is involved!
      I’m passionate about much and must place importance where necessary.

      I look forward to reading your next post and congrats on syndication!

      Live it LOUD!

  21. Hmmm,, whilst I have been away something has changed here..I can’t put my finger on it..but I love it. The energy is infectious and the message is loud and clear. Get off your culo and make it…tomorrow is not promised

    Way to go Rob

    • Rob says:

      Hey Stacey,

      Thanks. I feel like a broken record here, but, I’m a big fan of your work so I appreciate the words. You are a trend-setter not a follower.
      My focus here is to inspire in some small way. I know that it could be one timely phrase or post that is a catalyst for someone shooting for the stars but only hitting the shed out back. It can be done. Maximizing today is essential. Thanks my friend.

      Live it LOUD!

      • It’s nice to be appreciated Rob, thank you …your post gave me a shove it the right direction this morning,so muchas gracias…
        Iron sharpenth iron…or so that saying goes..I think, lol
        Taking a in-depth read through the work you shared & loving the honesty: ) Will get back to you via email about that

        • Rob says:

          Hey Stacey,

          Right on!

          “Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17. In this case, a a woman sharpening a man!

          Take your time and enjoy. I respect your input and look forward to future projects together (hint, hint).

          Live it LOUD!

  22. Samy says:

    Hi Rob thanks for your informative blog post on Are You Ready? Make It Happen. the article was very beneficial for a project I am putting together for school.

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