10 Words About My Top 10 Bloggers

This is a list of my top ten fav bloggers. I have written 10 words about each.

Yes, I have many more (words and bloggers). But, the list had to stop somewhere :).

They are each unique and awesome.

You may not have heard of some of them but I encourage you to find out about their awesomeness for yourself.

Each one has impacted me in some way even if I don’t know them personally (or they’ve never heard of me).

They range from 20 years old to…well, a little older.

Pay them a visit and let me know what you think.

www.mazzastick.com – Justin has read more than 650 self help books. Knowledge.

www.smartboydesigns.com – Not my favorite young blogger, but my favorite blogger period.

www.realityburst.com – Just your everyday job-quitting, making-it-happen, normal guy.

www.onespoonatatime.com – Paul is a real professional. All posts are must-read.

www.hajrak.blogspot.com – Doesn’t smile much but she is a world class kvetcher.

www.annieandre.com – Chasing big dreams as a wife, mother, entrepreneur, writer, traveller.

www.whatlittlethings.com – Sam decided to write her own story and live it.

www.unleashingthetiger.com – Dino will be required reading at Kellogg Management School soon.

www.webincomejournal.com – Chadrack covers a lot, but all in an honest way.

www.solomompreneur.com – Melanie offers years of experience and a truly genuine warmth.

That’s it folks. I’m a big fan of each one. If you want to mention 1-2 special ones in the comments, please do so.

Live it LOUD!



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51 Responses to 10 Words About My Top 10 Bloggers

  1. Eugene says:

    Rob, I am extremely honored to make the cut for your list!

    Trying to live up to the “making-it-happen” part. Thanks for the extra motivation!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Eugene,

      You did more than make the cut:) You are making it happen my friend, it just hasn’t happened yet.
      Glad to include you.

      Live it LOUD!

  2. WOW! What an honor to be recognize and to be named among such amazing bloggers! Thank you SOO much, Rob! And what a great idea for a post. This is why our blogging community is so awesome — because we encourage and support each other in so many ways. You set such a great example, friend. =)

    • Rob says:

      Hey Sam,

      Believe me, it was for a reason. It would have been easy for me to list all the most popular bloggers on the blogosphere, but disingenuous. Instead, I listed the ones I really enjoy and that I read.
      Besides, some on this list WILL BE the most popular very soon. Especially you!
      Enjoy, and keep putting out great content and smiles.

      Live it LOUD!

  3. Hey Rob,

    In the lyrics of Rod Stewart …
    “Have I told you lately that I love you?” 🙂

    I’m so jazzed to be sitting amongst these fine bloggers, some of whom I follow religiously and some who have, so graciously and selflessly, featured me on their blogs. It doesn’t get any better than that!

    Thank you for the joy of sharing this space on Today Has Power.


    • Rob says:

      Hey Melanie,

      In the lyrics of Frank Sinatra…
      “It had to be you.” 🙂

      You belong here and on many many more lists my dear lady. Thanks for making my experience online better.

      • Love it!

        And since you’re reaching back that far into an era, allow me to say …

        “You’re the cat’s pajamas!” 😉

        • Rob says:

          Very Good Ms. Melanie. Very good indeed.

          Cat’s pajamas- A slang phrase coined by Thomas A. Dorgan in the 1920s when the word “cat” was used as a term to describe the unconventional flappers from the jazz era. This was combined with the word pyjamas (a relatively new fashion in the 1920s) to form a phrase used to describe something that is the best at what it does, thus making it highly sought and desirable.

          Sticking with Thomas Dorgan, you are the ‘cat’s whiskers’. 🙂 🙂

          Live it LOUD!

  4. Janet @ The Natural Networker says:

    Rob, aloha. What a brilliant idea for a post. I love it. Thx for the inspiration.

    As it happens, I know most of these bloggers because they easily fall into most everyone’s “favorite” categories.

    Not only is Smart Boy an incredible blogger, he is an amazing being. Do you know, Rob, that last night I received a hand written thank you note for a post I wrote about him. WOW! When was the last time you received a hand written thank you note?

    Off to meet the few bloggers I did not know. Enjoy a terrific day. Aloha. Janet

    • Hi Janet,

      Thank goodness someone is talking about hand written notes!

      I’ve been getting a little concerned that the art of hand writing (anything – thank you notes, included) was going down the tubes. And wouldn’t THAT be a sad day?!

      Everyone enjoys and appreciates a personally-written note. And I’m praying computer technology won’t obliterate that courteous and wonderful gesture from existence.

      Write On!

      • Rob says:

        Janet + Melanie= 2 fantastic Gals at the same place at the same time!
        If this keeps up, I will have no choice but to charge visitors:)

        Many would be hesitant to mention a 20 (21 now?) year old as their favorite blogger period. 2 things came into play: I don’t base decisions on fear or what if’s, and Christian is one special person. I consider him an extended part of our family. We happen to have some things in common but, he makes every one (no matter the commonality) feel at home.

        Okay, time to snitch on you. Ladies and Gentleman (members of the jury), Melanie Kissell is one of the most giving and lovely ladies I have had the chance to meet online (probably even better in the real world!). Whether it’s pointers, honesty or just flat-out kindness, she is the real deal. She does so much of it behind the scenes. A true pro. Thanks for that Melanie.
        I encourage all my readers to hop over to her place (but please come back at some point 🙂 if you want honest information on running an online business (and more) the right way.
        She’ll leave the light on for you…

        Live it LOUD!

        • Dearest ladies and gentlemen of the jury,

          In deciding your verdict, for the record, please note …
          There was no exchange of monies for this glorious testimonial. Nor was there any coercion or collusion involved. 🙂

          Thanks, Rob! I can’t remember a day in the recent past when I’ve had this much fun in blogland!


          • Rob says:

            Hey Melanie Kissell,

            Do you always get the last word? 🙂

            I had fun over that one post at your place (co-Pres). My guess is that if you’re involved there is fun to be had. When you and I are in the same room…lookout!

            By the way, have you watched a lot of court tv? You have all the legalese down like a pro (or was it Perry Mason?)…

          • Truth is, I RARELY get the last word. But I keep giving it my best shot … “intentionally”. 😉

            Familiarity with legalese comes after spending years in court trying to finalize my divorce. 🙂

          • Rob says:

            If you keep being intentional, it’s bound to happen sooner-or-later 🙂

            It would seem that you are in a happy place in life right now (with a few more terms under your belt). 😉

  5. Hey Rob,
    You are the man. Thanks so much for adding me to your list. It makes me feel that what I am doing is making a difference in someone elses life.

    Keep on “living it loud” my friend.

  6. Hajra says:

    I should do a vlog on how much I laugh and how weird it sounds! I smile a heck of a lot, laugh more than that, but the camera makes it very tough for me to smile! You should see my new avatar, I am smiling there…loads! 🙂

    Thanks so so much for the mention! You’re the best, I “know” most of them and they deserve all the attention!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Hajra,

      Me and the landlady can hear the laughter. That’s the problem! 🙂
      I had to include my smilin’ gal. No one kvetches quite as good as you.

      Live it LOUD!

      P.S. Congrats on the success, you deserve it.

  7. Chadrack@SEO Tips says:

    Hi Rob,

    Your top 10 bloggers? And you count me there? Wow, that’s really great! And frankly, I love those words you used: “Chadrack covers a lot, but all in an honest way.”

    That truly is motivating, inspiring and a push to live it LOUD! Because? You’ve just shown me that I’m fulfilling my mission statement.

    Thanks a million!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Chadrack,

      I could have chosen only the folks I speak to regularly, but that wouldn’t be right. I was looking total package and what each blogger offered. Honesty was a stipulation. I believe I made excellent choices and was glad to include you. KEep up the great work my friend.

      Live it LOUD!

  8. William Tha Great says:

    Rob: I am new to your community and I must say this was a nice read! I only know 2 of the bloggers Eugene from RealityBurst & Chris from SmartBoyDesigns. Those are 2 influential bloggers that I’m currently following because they give me value through their post.

    I look forward to checking out some other these other cats! Thanks for the sweet read. ( :

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Rob says:

      Hey William,

      I’ve enjoyed reading your input around the blogosphere. Glad you made it this way. I believe you will enjoy each of these bloggers as much as I do.

      Live it LOUD!

      • Rob: I take that back I know 3 of the bloggers you mentioned, because I have also been around Sam’s community. She’s a wonderful cat who really blogs about some interesting topics like her last one about the schizophrenic person. I guess I haven’t been around here community enough to recognize it at first sight!

        I’m going to make it a mission to get familiar with the others, and thanks for the kind words. Hope you keep working hard and showing support to those who deserve it. Many time we forget to give credit to others, and that really helps build stronger relationships.

        God bless,
        William Veasley

        • Rob says:

          Hey William,

          We all start somewhere my friend. We all grow differently also. It’s good to be recognized by your peers as a heavy-hitter. That’s why I pointed these ones out. They are all heavy-hitters!
          Thanks for stopping by again, and please make it a habit 🙂

          Live it LOUD!

          • Rob: Very good point my man. When you get recognized out by people that’s when you know your doing something right. I know I can get there if I believe in myself and continue to stay focused and work hard.

            It’s up too you to take in new knowledge learn, and advance in positioning. Would you not agree?

            God bless,
            William Veasley

          • Rob says:

            Hey William,

            One caveat:
            ‘When you get recognized out by people that’s when you know your doing something right.’
            I would not agree with this in totality. Many examples come to mind but I will go with Van Gogh.
            The Red Vineyard was the only painting Vincent ever sold. It was a few months before he died. He painted more than 900 paintings. He was never recognized when it mattered.
            But, he pushed on because HE believed in what he was doing. Tragic end to a life spent Living it LOUD! But, a life truly lived regardless of recognition.

            I agree with these points completely:
            ‘I know I can get there if I believe in myself and continue to stay focused and work hard.
            It’s up too you to take in new knowledge learn, and advance in positioning.’

            Appreciate the discourse my friend.
            Keep Living it LOUD!

  9. Looks like you have some good discussion going here, Rob, and your traffic is doing pretty well.

    I know, I know… we all want more than we have, but I promise it’ll come in time; just keep doing what you are doing.


    • Rob says:

      Hey Ana,

      Thanks for your kindness. ‘Grass is always greener’, eh? Where there is no vision, the people will perish!

      Live it LOUD!

  10. Lance says:

    Several of these are new to me – and I’m off to check them out!! (and the one’s I do know on your list – spot on!!)

  11. Tisha | tMedia says:

    Hi Rob!

    It’s always interesting to read what other bloggers consider to be their favorite reads. Plus it’s always a great opportunity for us readers to check out people we haven’t had the pleasure of acquainting ourselves with yet. I’m familiar with most on your list, and would wholeheartedly agree with your kind words about them. There are a couple that are new to me and I’ll definitely have to go give them a look now, thanks to your glowing recommendations! 🙂

    Ahh…so many marvelous blogs, so little time…

    Thanks for the highlights! 🙂

  12. MuMuGB says:

    Hi Rob, I am just visiting from Hajra’s blog and I love your site and your post. It resonates with me as I have just resigned from my Corporate job to expand my own business…Wish me luck!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Muriel,

      I won’t wish any ‘luck’.
      Get out there and make it happen. It’s obvious you’ve been a Live it LOUDER for sometime.
      Please come back and share your great successes… 🙂

  13. Almost all on your list are new to me and after visisting a few, I see what you mean – thanks for letting us know about more great writers with important messages.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Jules,

      Yes, this is a great list of heavy-hitters. You’re one yourself. Hope all is fantastically well.

      Enjoy this fine (hot) day.

  14. Penelope J. says:

    Thanks for sharing your list of your 10 top bloggers. Glad to see that you included two of my favorite bloggers, Hajra Kvetches and Samantha Bangayan of What Little Things. Will check out the others.

    I noticed that at the beginning, you mentioned they range from 20 to – older. That is rather ambiguous. I’m way at the other end of the age scale, trying to inspire and motivate the older generation to make new starts, rekindle their fires, and not give up on their goals. Come on, many of us belong to the 60s generation, the one that changed the world. In order to do this and also give myself fuel to go on, I’ve found that I can learn a lot from younger bloggers, and in my case, especially from someone like Samantha. Funny how despite our age and cultural difference, she and I have a lot in common.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Penelope,

      Thanks so much for coming by.
      My aim wasn’t to be ambiguous, but rather, be considerate if some didn’t want to share their exact age… 🙂
      Also, have to disagree a bit. Re: “60s generation, the one that changed the world”.
      They did, as well as the 50’s and 40’s. The 1880’s, etc. In short, every generation changes the world in some way. If I play some small part in it, I won’t look to my ‘generation’ but my intentional actions.

      Thanks so much. And,
      Live it LOUD at every age!

    • Aww… thank you so much for the mention, Pennie! What’s so beautiful about our friendship is that we have such a valuable exchange of knowledge! =) I love that we have so much in common and that I continue learning tons from you too! =) Thank you!

    • Hajra says:

      Thanks so much Penelope! It is such a pleasure knowing you and I can’t thank you enough! 🙂

  15. Emily Thorne says:

    I have spent a wonderful, relaxing evening with my laptop, mouse, and your blog post. I’ve visited each site, taken my time, and have found great content. Thanks for sharing this list of bloggers that I might not have otherwise found.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Emily,

      So glad you enjoyed and took the time to.
      There are so many! That’s why I took it easy and just listed 10. 🙂

      Live it LOUD!

  16. Benny says:

    Great list Rob! Amazing you could keep it under 10 words. I would have a hard time with that!

    Two that I love on the list are Annie and Christian. Awesome people and thankful I’ve connected with them through unconventional ways.

  17. Dean Carlton says:

    Hey Rob! Could have sworn I commented here when your post first came out – sorry about that!

    Wow – I am SOOOO jazzed that you would include me in your top 10 bloggers – along with Christian, Eugene and Paul, who I hold in great respect! I have checked out all the others too, and found I was (Twitter) following all but 2 of your list.

    I love seeing other peoples ‘fave’ lists because it helps us to look at the people we already know through different eyes (we may have pigeon-holed them in a certain – different – way), and introduces us to those we don’t – but probably should!

    I have a series in the pipeline that may just be mentioning you in the future! ;o)

    Thanks again so much, brother. Live it LOUD!

  18. Dean Carlton says:

    🙂 Well, someone has to do the rubbing of elbows, Rob!

    Man, you are so generous in your praise – and it makes me know that I have to push even harder in order to live up to your expectations!

    You know how to inspire people Rob, which is why – YOU DA’ MAN!

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